Tag field not available for rule-created subtask

I love the newer feature of creating a subtask via rules. I would like to automatically populate a Tag on the subtask I’m making, but the Tag field seems to be missing. I’ve tried it in a couple of different projects today and I cannot find the Tag field on the subtask. It’s giving me all the other fields & custom fields in my project – am I doing something wrong?

Hey @Katie_Kendle,

By Tag field do you refer to the possibility to have tags added via rules?

Because this feature is not available yet, however you can find existing feedback request threads here:

@Andrea_Mayer gotcha, thanks! I’ll add my vote to the existing threads.

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Hi @Katie_Kendle,

While as Andrea says you can’t add a Tag via an Asana rule natively (you can do it via our “Add tag” Flowsana rule action :slight_smile: ), I think you were asking a different question, which is how to add a tag on a subtask that you’re creating via the Asana “Add subtasks” rule action. Is that right? In that case, you can do it: just press [TAB]-T on the subtask within the rule creation area, and that will cause the “Tags” field to appear on that subtask’s detail pane.

Oh right, that really works :smiley: Thanks @Phil_Seeman!

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