Automatically Add Tags with Rules feature

Here’s the scenario: We use Asana to manage our Lead Pipeline in column view. There are 7 stages/columns in our pipeline. We also use Heymarket for our SMS conversations with the prospects inside that same Asana pipeline. Heymarket has what they call “lists”, which we use to group people into based on what part of the Lead pipeline they are in (in asana).

Here’s the here’s the problem: We manage the stages in asana. Everytime we move someone in asana, we have to manually go back to heymarket and also move them… which of course doesn’t happen accurately or at all.

The goal:
Everytime I move a contact in asana to a new stage/column, also automatically update the Heymarket list they are in to match that stage.

Here’s the solution i’m asking for:
Either update your zapier trigger to look for a custom field value (which I can auto update with your Rules as I move them from stage to stage… OR…
Create an automation action within asana Rules that adds a tag when moved to column/section.

Because either way, I have to use Zapier to connect Asana and Heymarket, it’s just that there’s no useful Asana trigger for me to accomplish my goal.

Please help me figure this out ASAP!!!

Btw, this would all work if you just made a Zappier trigger that did this: Section/column is updated to a specific value within a project that you choose.

So the breakdown would look this this in Zapier:
Select Trigger = Task Moved To Section/Column

  1. Pick your asana account
  2. Pick which project
  3. Pick which section/column that triggers the following action

Then I can take it from there and update HeyMarket, our CRM, and bunch of other usefull things.

Please and thank You!

Hi @Brent_Attaway and welcome to the forum!

As you’ve (probably painfully) discovered, Asana and Zapier together don’t currently give you the tools you’re asking for to get Heymarket updated.

FYI you can accomplish exactly that with a Flowsana If-Then Rule. Unlike Asana, Flowsana’s Rules support tags (both adding and removing them) both in triggers and actions.


Hi @Brent_Attaway,

Also FYI, Asana does not currently own or update its Zapier integration work; Zapier does. (Zapier has expressed the desire for Asana to take it over but that doesn’t appear likely at this point; see this forum thread for more.) So for those requested enhancements to Asana’s Zapier integration, you’d need to make those requests to Zapier.

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