Please Take Over Zapier Integration Development


Zapier told me that if we can convince Asana to take over the integration that would be super helpful and would likely result in more frequent updates and fixes.

There are a few bugs in it right now. For example, you can’t create a task with multiple projects tied in the current Zapier configuration. It’s just a bug and tough for Zapier to put all of the resources behind fixing them all. Asana’s team is far larger and would likely do a better job keeping their integration working and bug-free.

Many people rely on your Asana Zapier integration and it is definitely a decision factor when deciding to go with Asana as a company. Wouldn’t your team like to have better control over the user experience your customers are experiencing? Zapier is the go-to company but Asana surely has the resources to fix a few of the API integration issues the current Asana API on Zapier has.

Asana, please reach out to - they and your customers are really hoping your team takes over development for this.

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Further details on Asana Errors in Zapier Integration

It gives you the option to find/create a task with 2 projects attached (just as you can do from the web interface):

But upon trying to do that, I get an error message:

How to Fix

  1. If the Zap is trying to find a task, it looks in all projects. If it exists in project “A” and not project “B”, you simply want to update the task in project “A” and not create a duplicate task in project “B”.
    1.1 If it exists in Project “A” and it is found, it should simply append Project “B” and update the task.
  2. If a task doesn’t exist in either, create 1 task that is tied to both projects.
  3. “cannot select project section when multiple projects are selected” error. Really need to be able to append it to at least one of the project sections though. While it is possible via the API to have it so you assign multiple sections, at the very least, for the first selected project, you should be able to append the section of the project.


while my issue with Zapier/Asana is a different one, I second the request: Asana, can you please take a look at this and take over Zapier Development? This would make so much sense, especially if you (or we as a community) provide pre-made zaps for different workflows.


Please Asana :sob: Zapier is such a necessity for app discovery and integration. Why not take it into your own hands? Your team is massive, it wouldn’t be much development time, it would just give your more control and the community far happier!


@abass why not the community developers take it at their hands and write some usefull code? :slight_smile:


I already talked to Zapier about that option (I wanted to work on fixing a bug), they said that unfortunately, for security reasons, it must be their team or Asana’s team directly. :confused:


Hey @abass,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear that you’re running into bugs with Zapier. It looks like a really frustrating experience. Our platform team has already committed to projects in the near term, however, we will investigate what it would take to manage these integrations in the future. In the meantime, I suggest you report any issues to Zapier (I assume you’ve already done so) and I will also follow up with my contacts at Zapier to see if we can get them resolved.



I’ve run into issues where Zapier fails when projects have lots of tasks in them (seems like the integration doesn’t support pagination very well?). I agree this should be a rock solid integration and unfortunately it’s not. I know a number of companies that won’t use tools that don’t integrate with Zapier well. It’s become part of their requirements.


Thank you so much Jeff for reaching out and showing us that the team is at least aware of the frustration we are currently experiencing.

Asana is our core software and the deeper we go with it, the more expertise we gain, and the more we recommend Asana as the project management solution for our clients. The easier we can integrate via Zapier for our clients, the more we will promote Asana and go deeper with the API internally.

We are already doing some awesome stuff with the Asana API via Zapier so it’s not a complete and total mess, it’s pretty powerful, it could just use a lot of modernizing and nicer functionality via the Zapier API like “create project from project template” which our clients have requested many times.

Please keep us updated with any developments, I continue to push to the Zapier team all of this information and will keep doing so until the above is fixed and the Zapier integration is :100: :ok_hand:


Agree with @abass, being able to copy a project (or task) as an action in Zapier would be HUGE and makes sense in a lot of workflows.


Agree with @abass - it would be such a powerful integration if it worked without flaw!