Send attachments via Zapier (Access denied)



Hi there!

Whenever I try to send images attached to tasks via zapier to buffer I get an access denied message from asana. I add images via the download-URL provided by asana and I know it was possible a few months ago, when I ran tests to post asana tasks to my facebook page.

Anyone know how to get this to work now?



I’m getting the same error on my side too… haven’t figured it out yet, but working on it! If anyone else knows, the knowledge would be great appreciated.


You might want to report this to Zapier. Unfortunately, Asana doesn’t manage their Zapier integration. Maybe we can convince them to take it over?

There are a few bugs in it right now. For example, you can’t create a task with multiple projects tied in the current Zapier configuration. It’s just a bug and tough for Zapier to put all of the resources behind fixing them all. Asana’s team is far larger and would likely do a better job keeping their integration working and bug-free.

Zapier told me that if we can convince Asana to take over the integration that would be super helpful and would likely result in more frequent updates and fixes.


ah, thanks for the info! Zapier + asana would be such a powerful tool!


the frustrating thing is: it worked a few months ago!! :frowning:


I think figured it out! You’ll want to add an additional action in your zap and use the custom value function that chooses the attachment id.


Would you mind sharing a screenshot of how you did this?