problem from Asana API - Zapier

Greetings of the day,
there was a task in Asana running through an automation via Zapier, which is showing an error and we are having trouble running that automation, we contacted zapier and they informed us this error in the task might be a problem from Asana API.
here is the link that zapier provided us:

and the defected zap link:

kindly have a look on it from your end and let us know.

Hi @Ari_Das,

I’m not able to access the Zap (I get a 404 Not Found - might be an access issue) but I can see I believe the source of the issue is in the part of the Zap where you’re trying to pass the Project ID and you have:


I believe this is attempting to reference a Zapier variable? In any case, whatever you’re trying to reference is not working and instead, Zapier is simply sending that exact string to Asana. Obviously {{48795193__custom_AsanaProjectID}} is not a Project ID so the request fails.

The link you gave doesn’t work and return 404.

Would you mind to explain what you’re trying to do?