Error 400 appears out of nowhere


Hi! I could really use some help with an error that keeps coming up no matter what I try to change.

Up to about two weeks ago my zaps were working fine. I use Asana in IFTTT and on Zapier and the reason I believe the issue is with Asana is that an error popped up on both services only in relation to Asana.

I used the exact same Zap before and it worked normally. When I tried to edit it or even create a new (same) one, the following error kept showing up regardless of what I put under “Custom Value for Project ID” (mind you - this worked fine previously):

"Bargle. We hit an error fetching a task. Error: returned (400) Bad Request and said “The result is too large. You should use pagination (may require specifying a workspace)!”

I tried changing the task ID which is supposedly wrong, but even that didn’t work.

I could really use some help if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this. Thank you so much!


Can you share a screenshot of your Zap?



Of course. Here are a few screenshots where the error is visible.
Just to emphasize again that I used the same project ID before and it used to work fine (though it didn’t sync instantly…it sometimes took a while for the zap to run, but that seemed to be completely random).


And the project did not grow in the mean time, making it too big to sync? if you use another almost empty project, does it work? “The result is too large” is quite clear, the project may be too big…


The strange this is that it’s gotten smaller. But you were right - I changed to a different project and everything works fine now…though this means I’m going to have to create several zaps to sync everything as I’d really like it, but oh well. Thank you for the help! I feel a bit silly now, but sometimes you just need someone to put things plainly :slight_smile:


@paulminors did you manage to deal with pagination using Zapier? That sounds hard :scream:


Sorry I don’t’ get the question. Pagination when searching through lists of projects?


When a project gets too big, listing its tasks requires pagination apparently. @paulminors you never had to deal with this? Not sure my question is clear…


In Zapier? Yes, generally this is when I use custom values instead.