Improved Zapier Functionality (For Project Creation)



Noticing a bunch of limitations within Zapier. For example, creating a new board, you can not select what type of layout you would like it to create, List or Board. I am trying to create an automation so that a new project is created as a board, but you can not select that anywhere.


Hello @abass,

Asana API supports project creation with the layout field as ‘list’ or 'board (if you not set this field the default option is list).

As far as I know, Zapier needs to update the codebase providing this option.


Thanks for the response! Yep, I saw that there was the option in the API and I started going down the rabbit hole that is API integrations. I started seeing that there is an API Key route that you can take but Asana is actually degrading the use of API keys (it had the alert next to the key), so they support OAuth and others. I ran into enough annoyance trying to build a custom webhook request to create a new project that I just gave up and was hoping they would improve their Zapier integration.

It would also be incredible if they could also add the functionality to create a new project using a template now that templates exist. If I could have a zapier action be “create project board with this template” that would be so incredibly useful.


I would love the ability to select the project template as well! Or the ability to choose the template from an already created project in Asana.


I’m following this as we are wanting to automatically create a templated board project in Asana.

The trigger is when an opportunity gets converted to a project in our CRM - i.e. we win a project, Zapier automatically sets up a whole lot in our back-end - the only missing component is Asana.