Creating New Project In Asana Using Project Template Upon Hubspot - Zapier Trigger

Hello, I am having a lot of trouble with the following integration. We are a marketing company that uses hubspot to track our CRM data and Asana to track our creative projects. We also have a very formulaic process for all of our projects, that is why we have created a project template in asana. What we would like to do is use zapier to initiate a trigger which creates a new project in asana with all of our common tasks preloaded into the new project, whenever a “deal” is created in Hubspot. Can someone please help! If there is a third party app that we can use to host the task info, which would be imported via zapier when a new project is created, that would work too. Just cant seem to figure out a solution.



Great question, @Brian_Dickson. Have you tried checking out They are another 3rd party integration platform, and they do have connectors with Hubspot and Asana that can create smart triggers between. You can see more information on and the connectors here: Do you think that might work for your team?

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Hey Brian! I know it’s been a while, but dropping this info for anyone who might be interested.

I work at Unito, and we’re in the process of developing a Hubspot-Asana connector for tasks. Right now we don’t sync deals, but we might have some workarounds using tasks. Feel free to sign up for our beta here if you want to give it a shot!