New Project via Asana Possible!

Hi, I am having a great deal of issue with the accompanying incorporation. We are a showcasing organization that utilizations hubspot to follow our CRM information and Asana to follow our imaginative ventures. We likewise have an exceptionally equation based procedure for the majority of our tasks, that is the reason we have made a venture format in asana. What we might want to do is use zapier to start a trigger which makes another venture in asana with the majority of our basic errands preloaded into the new undertaking, at whatever point a “bargain” is made in Hubspot. Would someone be able to please help!

I am wondering if what you are describing is not an Asana template?

Are you on a Premium or Free plan?

I think in a sense he is describing a template, but I believe what he’s saying is that he wants a new project automatically created (based on a template or a predefined set of tasks) in Asana, triggered by the creation of a new deal record in Hubspot.

@yenehem, is that correct? If so, here is another thread asking for that same capability:

Unfortunately there’s no solution to be found in that thread; Unito is mentioned but they’re working on task-based integration, not deals.

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