Integration with HubSpot's CRM features: Tasks

We want Asana to pull in HubSpot’s CRM tasks.

We use HubSpot’s CRM and Marketing Platform for our agency. We currently use the HubSpot CRM to take notes during a meeting/call with a client/prospect and for internal employees/contractors. Within the HubSpot CRM’s contact screens, we have the ability to quickly make a task during one of these meetings. Unfortunately, the current Asana/HubSpot integration doesn’t pull in the tasks.

This would save our team double entry and time while making the workflow awesome!


Hi @Jannica_Morton. Thanks for this feedback! It sounds like you might be able to do something like this using Asana’s API. I suggest you take a look and also feel free to visit the #developers category of the Community to bounce ideas around.

Hello Jannica,

perhaps you can solve it with Zapier:

I did not find a suitable Zap which is already built, but with some time you can build it on your own.

Moreover, the people at, a service similar to Zapier, are usually very helpful with building connections:


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Hey Jannica,

Did you manage to get a solution for this? I’m looking for exactly the same thing. Just want my Hubspot CRM tasks to be pulled into Asana.

Really interested to learn how you got on

Best wishes


Unfortunately, I have not found a solution. I am hopeful they do an integration.

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@Caisha you as our Zapier god might have a solution for this :slight_smile:

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@Jannica_Morton: it’s been some time now. Have you found a solution? I am looking for the exact same thing as well :smiley:

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@Jannica_Morton: I too am looking for the same integration. Any luck yet?



@Jannica_Morton thanks for posting! I’m commenting for visibility – Looks like many of us are looking for the same integration! Would be hugely useful to be able to sync Hubspot and Asana tasks!


+1 for this integration!

I’m not sure if this works for all the use cases listed above but you could look into Dossier:

Hi folks. For anyone looking for basic synchronization of tasks from Hubspot to appear in Asana, please check out our integration: We synchronize all updates from Hubspot into Asana. Once the task is marked as complete in Asana, we also synchronize that status back into Hubspot.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.


Does anyone have feedback on this integration? :slight_smile:

+1 for this integration

We’ve been using this for at least five months. The basic setup works perfectly. Tasks created in Hubspot appear in Asana in your selected project, and when you complete them in asana, they are completed in Hubspot. If you need anything else, you’ll need to build it yourself.

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Is there a native integration scheduled ?

Or at least one with Zapier ?

Is this answer in reference to the Project Buddy suggestion from @Maggie_Reddi?

Hi Alejandro
How did you sync the task on asana and hubspot?

cc: @Alejandro_Tocar

Hi @Ben15 @Michael_Romero!

Yes, this is regarding As I said, it is the most basic workflow:
When a task is created and assigned to you in Hubspot, it get’s created in Asana. When you mark it as done in Asana, it is marked done in Hubspot. If you mark it done in Hubspot, it is marked done in Asana. Those are the 3 cases it supports, but it has worked flawlessly for the last 6 months. If those are what you need, go for it.