New Project creation on new purchase (Zapier)

Hey all!

I’m fairly new to Asana and I’d like to get some advice on the following.

I want to create an automation so I don’t have to do anything myself or as little as possible.

I have created a template project in Asana with tasks for clients and us which will be the same every time. I want to automatically get a new project in Asana created the moment a new client pays the invoice. (I get a new customer in Stripe).

I have tried to use Zapier.

  • When I get a new Customer in Stripe, a new project in Asana gets created. –

BUT the project is empty with no tasks. -

I would like Zapier to use the template when it creates a new project and then automatically add the client to the project in Asana.

So to summarize the flow:

  1. I get a new customer in Stripe
  2. A new Project gets created in Asana using a pre-existing template
  3. The client gets added to the Project

Not sure if it’s 100% possible but I’m looking forward to any advice!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @anon16649369, welcome to the Asana Commnunity Forum :wave:t2:

To get started, you might find this Guide article on Asana + Zapier helpful:

Hi @anon16649369,

Zapier does not have the functionality “out of the box” to create a new project from a template; you need to use its custom webhooks capability.

So you have two options: you can use Zapier custom webhooks - see this post for more info on that:

Or you can use our Flowsana integration - it has an If-Then Rule action to do exactly what you want, create a new project from a template. You can’t directly trigger that rule from an external application like Stripe, but what you can do is create a Zap that adds a task to a particular ‘New Customer’ Asana project when Stripe sends a new-customer event to Zapier, then create a Flowsana rule something like “When a new task gets added to the ‘New Customer’ project, then create a new project from the ‘Customer Onboarding’ template”.


Hey Phil,

That’s awesome!

I didn’t know about Flowsana, I’ll check them out.

I was wondering if it’s also possible to create the final piece of the automation:

  • If a project is created for a client (using the template). Then the client should be added to that newly created project as a guest (using the email they signed up with us).

That would be absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much!

How would an integration (Flowsana, Zapier, etc.) know who the client is? I.e. where is the piece of data (which would have to be the client’s email address) coming rom?

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Not sure if I understand you 100%

But the client pays on Clickfunnels. They fill in their name & email. And the payment gets processed through Stripe. So the piece of data (the email) can come from Clickfunnels and/or Stripe

custom field

You could perhaps do that via Zapier; it has an “if project is created” trigger.

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