Assign templates to existing projects

It would be extremely helpful to be able to apply templates to projects that have already been created.

We use Zapier to automatically create projects when new events are created in Salesforce. I then add sections and tasks to the project. We have a lot of these coming in and it takes quite a while to create everything. It would save a significant amount of time if I could simply apply an existing template to the newly created project.

Since Asana already integrates with Zapier, providing the ability to automatically make new projects, it makes sense to provide a way to apply templates to these projects.

This is the template I’ve created. All I can do at this point is use it as a reference to make sure I don’t forget any elements.

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Welcome to the Forum @Kim_Ethridge :wave: and thank you so much for reaching out!

If you are referring to the possibility to apply templates to Projects that has already been created in Zapier, this integration was actually buit by Zapier so we don’t have the handle to develop it further on our hand. With that said, we’re recording all your feedback and will make sure to forward them to our contacts in Zapier.

We also have a thread in the #productfeedback category regarding task templates that I believe is similar to what you are requesting for :Task templates in addition to project templates!. Feel free to add your vote and comment to it!

Have a great Thursday!