Task templates in addition to project templates!



It would be incredibly useful to have Task templates as well as Project templates. My team has endless tasks within our projects which all have the same few subtasks, and being able to automate this process instead of creating them manually over and over again would save us a lot of time!


OMG yes! We have this issue too!


Why don’t you use the “Copy task” feature and keep a clean version of each task as a template?


It would incredible to have this feature.
I hope, the image can help.


Even with information in custom fields


Hey Bastien! That’s a decent workaround, thank you! However it would still require me to manually create a clean task in every single one of our numerous projects. Plus if I ever needed to modify this faux-template, I’d have to go back and modify every single one manually! It’d save a little labor, true, but it’s not ideal.


That’s a beautiful mockup, Gustavo!


Yesss please. This is so vastly needed.

We want to use a list project to keep track of deployments from dev to prod. We need to have sign off from various people for each one. Copy Task is possibly, but a bit clunky when compared to a simple “Add Template Task” button or even a default task format per project. This would also help with using things such as Microsoft Flow to take data from another application and feed into here while keeping the relevant subtasks.


Using a project for this that you archive afterwards won’t do the trick will waiting?


@Haley_Campbell GREAT idea! I just voted. I thought this was something Asana already had and at least now I know that I’m not crazy. Looked and looked.


Gustavo, is that a mockup (photoshop) or you have this feature?


Hi Pedro, its just a mockup (windows paint).


+1 Great Idea


Yes, this! I have posted this in the project template feature requests as well, but it would be amazing if everything designated as a template in the system would hide those tasks from My Tasks.


This is what we have been trying. But you cannot keep the assignments. It confuses our team often whether or not its a task or an SOP task


I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t be implemented.


Because there are more important things to do probably :slight_smile:
I recently wrote an article about this using the Asana emoji as an example https://medium.com/asana-superheroes/why-the-hell-would-you-integrate-emojis-instead-of-fixing-performance-issues-bd2889c8d135