Duplicate Custom Project Template with Zapier

Currently there is no Zap to duplicate a pre made Asana project template. This is very frustrating as it requires manually duplicating the required project template within the workflow.

Other task management platforms have this capability within Zapier, could we get it? :slight_smile:

Hi @Waira_Mendoza_Angle and thanks for talking the time to share your feedback with us today. I don’t believe this is in our near-term plans, but I’ll keep you posted on this thread as soon as I have some updates on my end!

This is something we absolutely need as well. We create hundreds of projects using templates and would love to be able to trigger this with other apps.

Totally agree! This is desperately needed!

Hi @Billy_Rickman and welcome to the forum!

This is actually easy to do now with my Flowsana integration - see the Auto-create a new project from a template section of this forum post:

Basically what you would do is use Zapier to trigger any of the Flowsana rule conditions - creating a new task, or adding a particular tag to a task, for example - and then that rule condition will trigger the Auto-create a new project from a template rule action.