Duplicate Custom Project Template with Zapier

@FreshyJon, your code worked great! However I tried to amend it recently to include a value for “notes” and for “custom fields”, but neither passed to the duplicate project successfully. Do you know what I might be doing wrong

I still haven’t seen Duplicate Project as an option in Zapier.

Please let me know if this has been fixed as we’re about to switch software if not. Monday.com, Trello, pretty much all the other ones easily allow you to duplicate entire projects through Zapier. Never occurred to me this wasn’t available with Asana.

Hi @Michael_Kittinger and welcome to the forum!

It’s not a built-in option in Zapier; you have to use the Webhooks by Zapier capability to construct it yourself. See this sample Zap to see how to do it.

Or you can use my Flowsana integration to do it much more easily. :slight_smile: