How to trigger Default Templates in Asana without the manual copy-paste method

Hi all,

My team and I are looking into exhausting options in Asana to onboard new data into project spaces using Google Sheets and Zapier. Technically, what I need to happen is that whenever Zap sends data to an Asana Project, Asana will automatically use the default Project Template I have created in a Team which has a total of 20 tasks and at least 4 sub-tasks each.

However, in the Zapier process for Asana, it allows me to create a project but not select a template to trigger. I have done Asana forms too and it does the same.

I have tried blockspring but I couldn’t find a code template for it as the Youtube tutorials are only 3 for Asana and these are codes for things you can already get with a business account which we already have.

I have read about Flowsana but it doesn’t have this option too. I don’t our company to procure additional integrations which we do not need.

Has anyone done this? If so, what scripts and/or integrations have you used?

You can just use the ASANA api for duplicating a project. We just write some basic code in Code for Zapier using input data from our trigger. Instead of choosing ASANA action code Code by Zapier and write an API command in JavaScript or Python.

As far as I can tell there is nothing special about the template other than that it shows as option when creating a new project. Using the duplication API is more or less the same thing.