Using Project Template In Zapier


We run our entire company off of Asana and we have hit a snag with a new integration we are looking to build.

I am wondering how to either add a project template into an existing project or create a new project in Zapier using an existing template. I have seen this asked previously, but the workarounds presented do not work for our use case.

Our use case:

  • We create a unique project for every client we work with
  • We receive 10+ new clients per day
  • We have a zap set up to create a new project whenever a new form is submitted, however, this creates a blank project
  • Our new project template has ~400 tasks/sub-tasks
  • We also need to upload ongoing files/communication into the project (using the project name as a connection point)


  • We cannot copy/paste the project template into the new project as sub-tasks do not copy over (we have many, and tasks within those tasks)
  • We cannot upload via CSV as this takes ~15 minutes to upload all of these tasks and does not include the ability to add sections via .csv upload
  • We need the project created/named appropriately as soon as we receive it as any communication from our client is zapped into the Asana project with the appropriate name. If we receive communication prior to a new project being built this will be housed outside of the proper project.

Do you have any suggested workarounds or a timeframe on when we will have the ability to:

  • Upload a project template into an existing project
  • Create a project via Zapier using a pre-existing project template

Thank you!


Hi @Rob_Burke1 and welcome to the forum!

@James_Carl, could Sendana Add be useful here for Rob? (One thing I note is that Rob says he has subtasks of subtasks and I think Sendana Add has a limit of how many levels down it goes?)

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@Phil_Seeman thanks for the mention. Sendana Add can do this but is limited to 1 level of subtasks. 400 tasks is a lot of tasks in a project so it will take time. Answer N to create project and instead add Tasks and one level of subtasks. Through the API is slower but we are only source of task versus project template adding. We do both.


I will take a look at Sendana now. Thank you for the quick response!