Is there a way to add tags, project links, and/or sub-tasks to a form submission so they show up in the task list?

I am trying to add pre-existing tags to a form submission. I’d also like to be able to ‘add to project’ so it automatically shows up in multiple places, and I’d like to set up sub-tasks through the submitted form. Is this possible? Custom fields are good, but don’t link to what I’m trying to do.

Hi @control1 and welcome to the forum!

Before I answer, two questions which will affect the reply:

  • What Asana subscription level are you on?
  • Will all of the tasks in this project come from form submissions, or will there be other non-form tasks being created in the project as well?
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I am on the Premium Plan.

All of the tasks will come from the form submission.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Jennifer_Shelby,

At the Asana Premium level, none of what’s being requested here can be accomplished in Asana itself.

However, all of it can be accomplished in my Flowsana integration. :slight_smile:

Asana’s rules do not support tags; however, Flowsana’s rules do. So in the form’s project, you can create a rule like “If a task is added to the project, assign the tag ‘ABC’ to it.”

Asana has an “Add to project” rule action which can accomplish this, but that action is only available via custom rules, which are only available at the Business and Enterprise subscription levels.

However, Flowsana also has an “Add to project” rule action, and its rules operate for all Asana subscription levels.

Asana has no capability for this. However, Flowsana can do exactly this: it has an “Add subtasks from a template” rule action. So you can create a rule like “If a task is added to the project, add the subtasks located underneath the ‘New employee onboarding steps’ task in the ‘Flowsana task templates’ project.”

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Thank you Phil. I’ll check out Flowsana to see if it will work for us.

thanks again.