Tags not showing up in Rule Editor for Add tag to task using Flowsana

New to Asana and still on a free trial. Trying to work on a workflow where a tag is added to a task using Flowsana. Was able to do this successfully once but now when I try to do the same rule for different tags, only the original tag shows as an option in the dropdown for “Add tag to task.”

I have tried to troubleshoot but am at a loss…

Hi @Allison_Dickens,

If you can send an email to support at flowsana dot net and send us the names of a few tags that are not showing up, we’ll get back to you with some assistance. Also can you include whether you were building the rule from Asana’s rule builder or from the Flowsana web portal? Thanks!


I sent the email but have yet to hear back.

My apologies, @Allison_Dickens - the good news is that things have skyrocketed with the release of App Components (that’s the feature you’re asking about where Flowsana is now in the Asana rules editor); the bad news is it’s caused support to fall a bit behind. Will get back to you today for sure.

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