Tags missing from field


I created a couple of tags, such as “New task”, “Assigned” and “Completed”. But when I go to a task and want to add, say Assigned tag, it is not showing up. It is working fine if I want to add New task or completed. When I go to minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods I can see the tag (Assigned) exists with 0 tasks and with the yellow color I gave it, but it just does not show up in the task. I have tried to do this on my Mac App, as well as browser.

Any help?

I realized that I ended up making 2 Completed tags in the past, just because perhaps the first one did not show up either and I created a new completed tag. Please see screenshot.


I am the creator of the tool you mentioned.

I believe creating a tag in the past is not enough to have it pop up inside Asana, there has to be remaining tasks with the tag. Could that be the issue?

Regarding the Completed tag, looks like you indeed created a duplicate.


Thank you for the response.
As you can see from screenshot, there are no tasks associated with Assigned tag, and it was created just today. I had the same issue with completed tag also, and I ended up duplicating it. And when Assigned also did not show up, I realized something is not working.

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Sometimes when typing an existing tag name, it takes time to show it, and while you wait it does show you a fake tag as a suggestion. If you pick it that creates a duplicate. My trick to clean up is to look for one tag, apply a color to it; then it is easier to differentiate it with the existing one… Does that help?

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Hi @Vaibhav_Kapuria

Can you try this… With one Task add all the Tags to that Task either create them if they don’t exist or add them if they do. Once that is completed run the above tool and see what you get.

Leaving that Task with all the Tag’s associated start add Test Tasks with just one associated Tag and see what happens.

I think the problem is that if you create a Tag and don’t have it associated with a Task it will be removed from Asana.



It did the trick for me, thanks Bastien! However, is this condition explained or mentioned somewhere?

Not sure, maybe go through the Asana Guide :man_shrugging: