Tag Created with API doesn't show up in tasks


I used the create tag API call to create a tag successfully within my workspace. I’ve queried the tag created with a GET and the API retrieves it. However, I do not see the newly created tag in ASANA gui in order to associate it with a new task.

Could anyone guide me as to where the issue might be?

note: I’ve checked my workspace and it is correct.

Hi @Sina_Lahsaee and welcome to the forum!

Yes, unfortunately that’s just a function of the way the Asana UI works:


Thank you for this. I’ve been using python to create tasks and add the tasks to them. I guess my question would be if there’s a way around it. Since in my test run the tag is not being recognized even then.

There’s no way around it other than using addTag to put it on one task; then it will show in the UI.

Can you provide some more detail as to what you mean here?


Basically what I mean is that, although I successfully added a tag to my workspace, I cannot see it here. Is this intended?

After you added it with createTag, did you then programmatically add it to at least one task using addTag?

yes sir, I used the asana.tags.find_by_workspace to retrieve all tags associated with a workplace.
Although Postman tells me my tag is inside that specified workspace, my task creation fails because it can’t find it using asana.tags.find_by_workspace. Could this be because it takes time to synchronize?

No, there’s no synchronization lag in the Asana API.

I’m not familiar with the Python SDK so I’m not sure the reason for using find_by_workspace but you may be seeing another oddity of tags: an empty tag - one not associated with a task - will not be surfaced in the API:


You’ll need to:

  1. Create the tag in the API and that should return its gid.
  2. Use that returned gid to attach the tag to a task.

At that point the new tag should be fully visible in both the UI and the API.

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I’m having a similar issue. What’s the point of create_in_workspace if you can’t later assign the newly created tags to a task, via the API?

You can later assign it to a task via the API. That’s the

  1. Use that returned gid to attach the tag to a task.

part of my reply above.