Tags create by API call are not listing in GET API call of tags

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I created tags in workspace using the API call(Asana), I got 201 created response from the API. But I wanted to fetch the list of tags in workspace using the API call(Asana). I get an empty array in data as a response.

Hi @Manish_Shukla and welcome to the forum!

When you do the GET, what response code do you receive? Perhaps you’re getting an error response from the GET?

Your experience is something that we experience in our app…
When you create a new tag, you need to keep the id and use it somewhere.
If you don’t use it in a task, you will lose it forever.

BUT… they never delete unused tags. So, after a few months, you will begin to get lots of timeout getting your list of tags, even if you only get 20 in return. because you can have tons of “invisible” tags, that will cause their api to timeout, but you will never see them…
That’s something they will maybe solve eventually I hope, some of our customers have timeout just to get their list of tags.
If you know the id, you are still able to get it directly.
But not from a list of tags.

What I think they should do:
Return unused tags when we query them.
AND, delete unused tags after a few weeks, to keep their api running fast when we query tags.

But for now, there’s nothing you can do.