Bulk creation of tags and listing them out



Is there a way to view ALL tags created by an API ?

I’ve creating tags via the api and i noticed that they get assigned an id, but when I use the Asana explorer to see all the tags i’ve created in my workspace, I don’t see them. Is this because I haven’t assigned them to a task ? Is there a way to see all tags regardless of whether they have been used or not?



Hi Sarah,

Have you tried this?

I perform a curl with my own personal token to see all tags in my workspace.




Hi Dani,

Yes, I’ve tried that. The issue is I am trying to bulk add x tags so that I can use them in the tasks I’m going to be creating, but when i bulk add them (while they do have ids) I don’t see them on the list of tags when I query asana (either by curl or php api). it’s like they were never created.

While this is fine for creating >10 tags because i can output the results into a file that I can just go through, it will be harder to do this if im creating 50 or more tags.



Solved this by just running the PHP script and just doing a var_dump of the results of the tag creation, so i could capture the tag’s id.