See a list of tags?

Is it possible to see a list of existing tags?
I woud like to find a way how can i easy assign existing tags to a task

many thx


It is not possible to currently see all your tags in Asana (outside of using programming with the API). Asana removed the ability to view your tags in the sidebar, as seen below.

I’m sure this was done for simplification, but it does feel like an omission. Hopefully they bring it back someday.


@Christoph_Goertz good question. Here are a few options I suggest.

  • As @Todd_Cavanaugh mentioned, you can view a list of tags using the API.
  • Favorite most use tags to your sidebar. Just click on the tag in a task and a window will open that looks like a project. Click the star next to the tag title at the top of the page to favorite the tag.
  • Make a reference task with a description or subtasks as a list of all your tags or make a project where each task is a reference to a tag.

I hope this is helpful!


Hi @Alexis, many thx!

If I enter the first letter of an existing TAGS appears a corresponding list! This is very good. It would be desirable to get the entire list of existing tags by entering a star ‘*’. The goal is that all team members can always and easily access the existing TAGS.

Many thx


@Christoph_Goertz yes, I can certainly see the benefit of all team members easily accessing the existing tags. If people need more than the existing option (type the first letter and see existing tags) then I think a reference list of tags that your team can view could be a good option. :slight_smile:


I do not understand the strategy of Asana with tags.
I think Asana should go for
a) either the idea to host a task in various projects (whereas a project just can be used as a tag which can then be personal or accesible by anyone) and subsequently eliminate tags (transitioning the existing ones over to a project) or
b) claim tags to be like “projects” shared with everyone in the organisation and subsequently make them prominently visible for everyone one in the organisation.
I would opt for “a”.


Fair point @Hendrik. Asana’s strategy with tags has been to add additional context to tasks. While projects are places for categorizing tasks and also literally working on team projects, tags can be useful for sourcing or grouping tasks that might live in different projects or on different teams.

For example, a marketing team might find a “content” tag useful when they’re sourcing content from different departments. Perhaps community, product, and support teams are creating content for a marketing campaign. A content tag will let marketing search for content tags rather than sorting through separate projects. That being said, in this scenario multihoming tasks to one content project could be helpful, as well.


Is there a quick way to add 1 tag to a list/group of tasks that are all in the same project?

There sure is, @Wally_Montpetit! Just multi select the tasks in the project and then add the tag in the single visible task you see on the right side of your screen. When you multi select a group of tasks and add a tag to one, the tag applies to all.


How do you multi select a group of tasks?

@Wally_Montpetit you can hold down Shift to select multiple consecutive tasks, or hold Command (Windows/Apple) key to multi select non-consecutive tasks There are other useful Asana keyboard shortcuts here

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OMG Thanks 3 Years - I always thought it odd that you couldn’t group tasks. :scream:


I have various “old” tags that we no longer use but still appear in the drop-down menu. How do I purge them from our system? They are causing confusion. Thanks.


If you open a new task and click on the ‘Tags’ icon, it opens the tag entry box. Press the space bar once, then backspace. All of the existing tags will show up as a dropdown list. Enjoy!


Ok, is it the same for subtasks? struggling here. ;/

What about if you are in Subtasks and would like to add a single tag to multiple subtasks that are in a section of a project. This way when the task pops up on “my tasks” I can see the relevant tag.

Multi select for adding tags is available on tasks, but not subtasks. You’ll have to add the tags to subtasks manually. It’s helpful to know that you’d like greater flexibility with subtasks - we’ve made a mote of it.


Maybe there is another solution. The problem I am having is that when my sub task pops up on “My Tasks” I need to be able to identify not only the Project, but what Section of tasks it is being pulled from… any work around thoughts? Project = Dogs, Section = Smith’s Dogs, Task = Feeding, Subtask = Serve breakfast (lol trying to make a simple example. So I need “serve breakfast” to be be identified as linked to “Smith’s Dogs” so that when the task pops up on “My tasks” for due today I know quickly which dog to feed. Make sense? Maybe there is a better way? Right now under “feeding” I have maybe 40 subtasks-- thats a lot of one by one tagging


You are a genius! Seriously, you just made my day. Thanks.

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