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Hi Asana,
now when a user clicks on a tag of a task, Asana opens a new view with all tasks user may see of all the projects.

I think you may add a filter by tag only for the project the user are checking.


Filtered View: Only show me tasks with Specific Tags

You can use the search for this :wink:

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Sorry Bastien but I think is not a solution.
The Search should be improved too, starting adding by default a “search in the current project”.
ASANA seems to not listen their good customers.


Ok got it :+1:


Thanks Bastien!


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us @Riccardo_Mares, we really do appreciate it. Rest ensured that we closely monitor all feedback on the Community as well as other channels. As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of feedback on daily basis; and while we’d love to satisfy everyone, realistically we have to make some strategic choices, and prioritise request. We truly appreciate your feedback, and I can ensure you we will take it on board as we revisit the Tag feature and the Advanced Search.

For the time being, the option offered by @Bastien_Siebman is probably the best workaround; I appreciate it’s not perfect, but it will allow you to achieve what you’re looking for. You can also save this Advanced Search ( to quickly access it in the future.

One last thing: at the top of this thread (and every other thread in the #productfeedback category), you can vote for this feature; I’d highly recommend to add your vote there.

Have both a great Wednesday! :slight_smile:

Filtered View: Only show me tasks with Specific Tags

Thanks Marie.
ps: I think that “vote to me” is another UX bug… :wink:


I’ve got a board view of tasks, and it’s got a whole bunch of tasks across many columns. I want to filter the tasks I see according to specific tags.

Is this possible?

(I’m thinking that this feature doesn’t exist because I imagine it would be available in the top right view menu).


@JMGoguen your instinct is correct. This is not currently possible in boards view. However, you might simply conduct a search by the tag and sort the results by project.


Ok, thanks for your response.
I just tried that, but it’s not an effective to do what I’m after.

First off, it’s throwing me from a board view to a list view, so it’s a but of mind warp to begin with.

And because it’s now in a list view, I lose my columns, so my whole task management process I’ve developed with my dev team is out of whack.

I’m going to add the task filtering by tag as a feature request.
Thanks for your response Alexis.


Hi @Alexis and @JMGoguen,

Has any progress been made on this? I just switched from Trello to Asana, and while I’m very happy with the majority of my experience, the ability to quickly and easily filter my view by tags is invaluable to me as I manage several campaigns across brands.

Here’s a video showing the functionality I’m missing:



Hey @Stephen_Hutson,

No nothing yet. But judging from the amount of feature requests that have come through on this, there is clearly a lot of users who are waiting for this feature.

However, I haven’t seen any official response on any of the feature request posts that they’re working on this.

@Alexis could you please confirm that this is in your roadmap?


Hi @JMGoguen! Marie here you Community Forum Manager. We already have a thread on this topic in the #productfeedback category so I have gone ahead and merged this thread into Filter tasks by tag to gather all feedback. i highly encourage you to hit the “Vote” button at the top of this main thread!


Thanks @Marie, another useful post is this one (linked below). Please look at the latest comment where @justin_maxwell uncovered 13 similar feature requests. (Good job Justin, that was quite a “mic drop” post.)


Thanks for flagging this @JMGoguen, really appreciate it! I’ll see if I can gather/merge some of these threads to consolidate feedback around this issue!