We're updating our Tag view!

Hello everyone :wave:t3:

We know how much you love using Tags in your Asana projects and we have some exciting news to share with you today!

Just last September, we introduced our new spreadsheet-inspired List view to help you have more clarity when working on your projects and today we’re extending this new display to the Tag view! This means that when clicking onto a tag, you will now see the list of tasks associated with this tag, displayed in a spreadsheet-style view!

We’re still in the process of updating our Guide to reflect this update, so in the meantime, I have attached below a screenshot to show you what the new Tag View looks like!

As usual, we’re rolling out this update gradually; it is currently available to 50% of our customers and will be available to everyone within the next couple of days.

Please feel free to post any question you may have below, and create a new #productfeedback thread if you want to share some feedback! We hope you enjoy this new update and look forward to hearing from your experiences!

Happy Friday!


Our company is ecstatic about this! Only issue I have found is that you can choose the columns in this view or the order of them like you can in the list view of a project. We don’t have “due dates” and for some of our tags, we don’t care about the project that they’re in. Some tags do matter for the project they’re in so we would get more out of this view if we could customize the view per tag. It’s still much better than the old view but for us, there’s a lot of wasted space on the screen because of these issues.


Thanks for the update Marie, since you mention how much we love using tags, I wonder why the button to add tags is buried under ‘More Actions’ instead of dedicated button. I’d love to sacrifice the thumb(like) for that if allowed to because we use tags more than likes.


Thanks for your feedback @Leonarce! Have you tried using “Tab +T” to avoid going through the “3 dots” menu?

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Will there be a way to rearrange the tags so that we can decide which tags show up first (to the left in the Tags column in your screenshot above)? I may have several tags for a project but want to be able to scan and look for the most important ones, so I want them to show up towards the left and not be buried off the column edge on the right…


Hi @Matt_Jennings1 :wave:t3: I don’t believe this is planned just yet, ut sounds like a perfect opportunity to create a new #productfeedback thread :slight_smile:

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I love this! Thank you.

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I second having tags appear automatically, without having to Tab+T or click into a menu! Would also love to be able to choose my tag when I add a new task in Board view without having to go into the details of the task - just like you can with Assignee and Due Date.


Hi @Marie,

Like @Leonarce, I also feel like Tags on the one hand should be very useful, but there are some significant limitations that have led me not to use them:

  • Inability to see what tags are in a list, per my post that got merged here:

It is very non-intuitive to click into a Tag and not see the options. I am having trouble with my team getting used to this, as in my Asana almost every task has to have a “type” eg “bug,” “request” etc.

  • The way Tags show up in Board View is inferior I think to Custom Fields. They are only a “stripe” of color, you can’t read what tag it is at a glance. If, for example, the entire card changed to the color of the Tag, I think users could get used to those colors and then recognize more easily what task of what “tag” type. But at the moment, Custom Fields are superior since you can read them right off in the Board View.

That said, Custom Fields have sort of “second class citizen” status in other ways, making them also not ideal:

  • You can’t click on one and see a quick report of all the items in a given Custom Field. Great features of Tags that you are writing about here, just wish I could do the same for Custom Fields…

  • In some views like “My Tasks” there is no way to show Custom Fields. Again a big hindrance. But Tags default into just about all views everywhere.

I’ve read in the forum some stuff about you guys moving away from Tags in favor of Custom Fields. Sorry I can’t recall where right now…at any rate, this post makes me wonder if you are doing the opposite and continuing to develop Tags, while not developing the same functionality for Custom Fields.

I actually don’t understand why you guys wouldn’t want to unify ultimately both Tags and Custom Fields. A lot of other, new-wave apps I’ve tried simply have the ability to add “column types” or “attributes” to each task, and they each and every one is treated the same. That allows for the ultimate in customization. There is no concept of a “Tag” as all the fields are Tags of some sort! Asana is a very flexible tool, so I’m really surprised to see there is a concept of “different” types of fields, instead of them all being the same, and letting the user decide how to use them. Since you guys passed on some huge basics of other Work Management tools, such as Workflow/Status, and task Priority - it seems that your approach is to keep structure limited and let the user decide what to do with Fields. So again, really wondering why “Tags” are here as a separate type still, with their own special behavior around Asana.

I realize I have ventured into the “Tags” vs. “Custom Fields” discussion. Please feel free to merge me as you see fit to another thread. But my main motivation posting here is that I am trying to figure out a long-term approach to Tags vs. Custom Fields, and when I see that you guys develop a nice piece for Tags, I wonder what my approach to Tags should really be!

Thanks for the consideration, and I do hope Custom Fields continue to get added features as well!

Hi @Marie,

if we’re still in the #productfeedback phase, I would confirm @Kelli_F’s one: being able to customize the columns view would be an amazing feature for tags as well, just like in projects. For example, I would remove the Tag column in my view, and add a custom field.


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PLEASE 1) add a sort by tag option and 2) make it so that you don’t HAVE to see project names, make that optional.

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Hi folks, and thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! If you haven’t yet, I would highly recommend creating a new #productfeedback thread for each separate feedback you’ve shared above. This way, other members of the Forum will be able to vote for your feature requests and we will be able to clearly keep track of the feedback on this topic for future iterations :slight_smile:

Hi, I just signed up for a free account for personal use, and I don’t see the ability to have tags. How do I get tags? Do I need to be on a paid subscription to get tags?

@Joseph_Yang, It’s available in the free version. In LIst, Board, etc. views click the Fields toolbar icon on the top right and turn on Tags. For a task, type Tab+T or use the overflow menu item.


Thanks, Larry! Unfortunately, I don’t see that option: Screenshot attached. Thoughts?

@Joseph_Yang, I bet you’re in the “Personal Projects” workspace which doesn’t offer tags.

That was announced as deprecated a long time ago, I thought but I guess it’s still around.

I’d recommend you make a regular new Workspace and use that, or use an Organization (requires an email with a domain name other than a generic one like gmail.com or yahoo.com). See also https://asana.com/guide/help/faq/common-questions#gl-workspace-or-org

Hope that helps,


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This update is rolled out to all our customers, so I’m closing this announcement. If you have any other questions, please ask them in #tipsandtricks and if you’d like to share your feedback, make sure to log it #productfeedback! :slight_smile: