New "My Tasks" Page Eliminates Ability to View Tags

Yesterday I just got the new “My Tasks” page which looks like the project pages. I understand the reasoning for making the interface a unified look to be the same as projects, but now on the my tasks page I have no option to view the tags I have associated with my tasks. I deal with many tasks per day among multiple projects, so the My Tasks page is crucial for me, and tags were how I kept myself organized within it. Now it’s been completely removed. Please revert back, or give us the option to view a tags column ASAP.

I second this, Asana, please put the tag view back on the ‘my tasks’ page!

yes, pls bring this back!

CORRECTION: The Tags feature is no longer available on My Tasks.

@Brian_Fanelli, @Kelly_Moffat, @Manoj_Dadlani, I don’t have the update yet, but can’t you toggle the Tags column on here:

That’s how project spreadsheet view has worked; Tags start hidden; you must manually enable them once; then they’ll remain.


Yes, that’s how they work on the projects page, and I would be fine with the update if that were the case, but that option is not available on the my tasks page.

This is all we get now. No way to show additional fields

Also the counter showing number of completed tasks today, which used to be on the top left of the my tasks page, has been removed as well :frowning:

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Sorry, @Brian_Fanelli, I see. That’s unfortunate.


Please add tags back to my task view, our organization will not be able to live with out this. Also ability to add custom fields like in project view would be cool.

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This “update” is a downgrade. We use tags extensively in our organization and we need to view them in the “today” view. Please add this functionality back in!

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YES! THIS! They completely ruined my workflow. I rely on those tags to be easily viewed for updated from coworkers. The new design is horrible.

See possible workaround below.

I’ve voted, and also made a strong plea here:

If you’re in dire need of a possible workaround until/if Tags return to My Tasks, consider:

The ability to multi-home a task (add it to multiple projects) can be seen as an alternative to tagging. And there is a column in the new My Tasks for projects.

If you have tags for priorities P1, P2, P3, you could create three projects P1, P2, P3 and multi-home tasks to one of them.

Show the tags view (type P1 in search and click the tag in the popup menu) and multi-select tasks there (in batches of 50) to quickly add them all to the appropriate, corresponding project with the widget at the bottom of the screen. It will even offer to create the project if it doesn’t exist (though it’s a mystery how/why it automatically chooses which team to put that in!).

I’m not advocating this instead of bringing the lost Tags feature in My Tasks back, I’m just offering a workaround for those that might find it helpful.

Hope that might help some,



Hi folks, please see the update here:


This change has broken the way I use Asana. Eagerly waiting to have Tags return to My Tasks

Yes please restore tags in My Tasks view, it is crucial to how I use asana. Thank you!

I look forward to having them back too. I’m so confused how the entire product team, all throughout the time you folks worked on this, dropped the ball here. I’m glad you’re resolving it though.

Hi folks,

Just a quick note to let you know that Tags are now available in the new My Tasks spreadsheet view. You can enable/disable them via the “customize” button, just like you would in a regular project.

Thanks again for your patience while we worked on this update, we really appreciate it!