Differentiate Tags and Projects in Board View

I’ve been looking to see if there was a way to make tags and projects look different in a board view:


It’d be nice if the Board view would use a different shape for tags v. projects. Even better if this was universal in Asana. Even in Lists I’ve often wanted a different shape (though emojis will certainly help).

So far the best I’ve been able to come up with is assigning “blueish” colors to our projects and “reddish” to our tags (we were forced to use a green which has been bugging me). We use tags to represent story points for the tasks in our backlog.

I was inspired by recent posts to use emoji in list views, but it doesn’t really help in a board view.


No, unfortunately this doesn’t work with boards at the moment.


In the screenshot above, Projects are pink and blue and the Tag is green. At the moment, it’s hard to tell which color is a Project and which is a Tag.

It would be great if the color-coded symbols could be different sizes or shapes so you can tell which is a Project vs a Tag at a glance.


  • Tags can be half the size
  • Tags can be on a separate line
  • You can select symbols for Tags (dots, stars, squares, etc)

Thanks for your feedback @Cathy_Nguyen! We already have a thread with the same feedback Differentiate Tags and Projects in Board View so I’ve just gone ahead and merged your post with this thread to centralize all feedback!

I would like to know why the tag WORD is not appearing in board view? Who can memorize colors with no words? Asana list view has the word overlayed on the color object. Why not carry that UX across the board? Those of us who use Kanban boards don’t need status custom fields. That’s what lanes are for. We need tags or labels to determine the type of task to do.


Right now on a board view. You cannot see the tag text, only the color. I would like to be able to view the tag on a card, seeing the color is not enough.


Hi @John_Dulay and thank you very much for your feedback.

We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback on this topic. I hope that’s OK. :grinning:

sure. so when is it happening? And not sure if this topic really captures my problem which is that I can’t see the text for the tag.

Hi @John_Dulay:wave:

You are completely right here. In board view, you can only see the tag color and not the text.

I have merged your post into this thread since some users are also requesting to have the possibility to see the text on tags. I hope that is OK.

Not really, only because showing the tag text is way more important than differentiating tags from project labels and I don’t want it getting lost with that topic. You guys do realize that the tags feature is pretty much useless on the board view because you can’t tell what they are. So I wouldn’t even bother with differentiating tags from project labels until you can see the text. So no it should be its own topic so your PMs can see it front and center.


I agree with @John_Dulay. The most important missing feature is to display the tag text on the actual tag.

I recently migrated from Trello to Asana and was dissapointed to find out this is not supported (it is supported on Trello. In fact, on Trello, the tags are minimized and when you click on the tags they all expand. So, it suits the needs of both those who want to see the text and those who don’t.)

A clearer timeline on where this lies on your roadmap would be appreciated.

Thank you


For some reason members of my team (on my board) can not see the tags (colors) I assign to individual cards. If they click into a card they can see the tag within the details, but the tags’ colors do not show on the cards on the board level. Anyone know why this might be happening?

As a follow-up, here is are screenshots of my view and her view (of the same card). As you can see, my view shows the blue tag color and her view does not.

My view: Dropbox - Screenshot 2019-10-22 09.06.56.png - Simplify your life

Her view: Dropbox - no tag.PNG - Simplify your life

I just paid to migrate my company to Asana, only to find out that something so basic can’t be done. A tag is an organizational visual!

We’re coming from using Trello and on those boards, you can see the text on the tags when looking at the boards view of your project. Seeing the colors is not helpful! Reading the tag text is.

When is this going to be added or fixed?


Can we get an estimated release time frame?
This is a major issue for us and makes us consider moving from Asana. It prevents various workflows. On trello for instance, you can just click the color bar to show/hide the text.


This is also a blocker for us migrating from Trello. Any update on when we can click-to-expand the color bar labels?

Also noticed this, something that is very helpful and should be included on board views like Trello for our team. Such a quick fix by including the text inside the div already with a few CSS tweaks.

Any follow-up on this? Your support screenshots show some board cards have the tag text and some don’t? How is that possible? Do Custom Fields show up on board view?


hey guys, you really have to make those tags visible! It is such a pain that my team and I can’t see tags easily. It does make my user experience unpleasant


Any update do Aaron’s question 10 days ago? Why does that screenshot show the tag text? How do I get that?

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