Differentiate Tags and Projects in Board View


I’ve been looking to see if there was a way to make tags and projects look different in a board view:


It’d be nice if the Board view would use a different shape for tags v. projects. Even better if this was universal in Asana. Even in Lists I’ve often wanted a different shape (though emojis will certainly help).

So far the best I’ve been able to come up with is assigning “blueish” colors to our projects and “reddish” to our tags (we were forced to use a green which has been bugging me). We use tags to represent story points for the tasks in our backlog.

I was inspired by recent posts to use emoji in list views, but it doesn’t really help in a board view.

Make Project & Tag Symbols Different From Each Other On Boards

No, unfortunately this doesn’t work with boards at the moment.



In the screenshot above, Projects are pink and blue and the Tag is green. At the moment, it’s hard to tell which color is a Project and which is a Tag.

It would be great if the color-coded symbols could be different sizes or shapes so you can tell which is a Project vs a Tag at a glance.


  • Tags can be half the size
  • Tags can be on a separate line
  • You can select symbols for Tags (dots, stars, squares, etc)


Thanks for your feedback @Cathy_Nguyen! We already have a thread with the same feedback Differentiate Tags and Projects in Board View so I’ve just gone ahead and merged your post with this thread to centralize all feedback!