Tags as text labels on cards?

Hey guys - does anyone know if there is anything similar to this Trello/Chrome extension that will let you see tags+projects applied to cards in Board view, as actual labels instead of just colors?


Hi @Michael_Roper

There has been a long discussion on custom fields in boards and you can find it here:

TL;DR not yet, please be patient :slight_smile:



Thanks Carlo - have definitely added my vote to that thread!

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I want this too. Even if I wanted to write a chrome extension for some DOM manipulation to make the feature myself, it doesn’t appear the data is in the DOM. Colored pills mixed to denote projects and tags seems an odd design choice. Is this something that’s being looked at?


I concur with that idea, this is basically mandatory when you want have a Kanban with a product-scale view of tasks. In other words, I don’t want to have to create a new board each time I create a sprint, I want to tag cards as being part of it.

Do you guys ever intend to implement this? For years now I keep periodically checking in to see whether you’ve implemented this so we can finally move from trello to asana, and still nothing. And no, Custom Fields do not solve this issue. Custom fields are custom fields, tags are tags.
If you don’t intend to implement this at least expose name of the tag through DOM meta data like @Jonathan_Thomas said so I can make a chrome extension myself.


For any future people coming to thread they haven’t changed tags to show the words but you can create additional Fields which is essentially tags but custom. In list view click the plus symbol on the far right of collumns and then add either single-select or multi-select. Add your title can even call it tags as well and then in the options list of all the tags you want and they will appear on your board now and look like a tag :slight_smile: You can either hide the collumn or display it literally functions exactly like tags but isn’t just the symbol with colour.

Welcome, @georgia.dummett65,

Thanks for your helpful workaround suggestion, but everyone should just be aware that while tags are part of all Asana plans (including free), custom fields are only for paid plans.

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