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Hello Asanas!

I am currently using asana to manage development sprints. One of my project is the product backlog, while I use boards for sprints. The same task is usually in the product backlog and in a sprint.

In my product backlog I use a custom field to define the priority of each task.

A sprint is generally made up by few “must have” tasks, some “should have” ones and many “could have”. A sprint is successful if the must have are implemented in the allotted timeframe. Everything else is a bonus.

My challenge is that in the sprint board I have no way of seeing the priority of a task without opening it.

Any suggestions?


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Great question @carlo!

I can certainly understand how making custom fields visible from Board View, can make life easier for you and our other users. Rest assured this feature request is on our radar. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you may want to use tags to identify a tasks priority level.

In addition to giving tasks additional context or grouping similar tasks for easy viewing, tags are visible from Board View; be sure to set a highlight color for your tag!

You can learn more about using tags here:

I hope this helps!

How to make Custom Fields visibile on Cards in Boards?

Hi @carlo,

Thanks for the feedback here! One of our product managers is actively researching and gathering feedback on having custom fields appear on the card before selecting. Your insight is important to us and we hope to provide an answer soon. In the meantime, stay tuned on our blog for future updates!


To add a level of detail… I’m using Unito to sync out and they just added support for boards/sections. What’s odd is that they say section and complete/incomplete status is apparently the same field in your API.

What that means to us end users, is that I can’t use a board column as a category, instead its only (technically) a status. I’d be fine to use a custom field for categorization if I could see it on the board or sort by it, but currently neither feature is possible.

So- Ive reverted the project back to a standard task list. I removed my sections altogether in favor of a custom field for category (and sorted by it) and im just using the complete/incomplete status in the Unito sync.



Hey @Nicola, any way we can sign up to be notified of movement on adding custom fields to the card? I believe the Board view is much more UI friendly, especially for folks who don’t use Asana everyday (aka my clients), but I haven’t started using it simply because as another user mentioned… they have low visibility with the only way to see anything other card Title, Owner and Due Date is to click into it. Great for design simplicity, but the biggest drawback for me is speed. Clicking in and out constantly is far too inefficient for me and my use case. I believe having custom fields visible in at the Board/Card level would solve that.

I manage all client projects with Asana… my most recent client has many Stakeholders and business units. They’re using another tool that rhymes with “marshmallow” for whom I’d love to convert them to Asana, but the aforementioned limitation just won’t cut it.

I’m a huge fan, use Asana A LOT, and figured I’d share my 2 cents and hope to get an update when it happens because I won’t be using the Boards until then. Cheers!


Hey @Michael_Bungartz -

We don’t have an update as of yet since our product team is still doing research on the feature. I’d recommend checking up on our Asana Blog for updates on new releases on functionality. I wouldn’t want to change your workflow, but have you considered managing your clients in a list view? Here at Asana, I manage around 100 accounts (at the task level) and I find that the list view provides me all the information I need since custom fields appear in the task view.


Hi @Nicola

I see the point of managing a list view like @Michael_Bungartz , but my original case was a bit different and cannot be easily worked out.

I cannot immediately see the information relative to the tasks in the board I use for the sprint, but in the list of the same tasks the organisation is completely different, so I don’t have a clear overview of things. It is a case of domain of belonging of the information, and boards are great, but there is no way of accessing info stored in the custom fields without opening the task itself…



I’d like to add a “vote” for the feature request to be able to show colorized custom fields in board-view cards. I won’t elaborate on our specific use-case, but this feature would be enormously helpful for us. Also, the ability to do an advanced search and filter on board-column would be super-spectacular. Thanks for being so awesome, Asana!


+1 from me.

We have moved to boards for our bugs, features and enhancements. We are trailing Tags but this is a duplication of work


Hear hear!

Definitely need functionality to display Custom Field data on the front of Kanban Cards (better yet have the ability to choose what fields are displayed). And DEFINITELY need greater flexibility with filtering and sorting the view of cards within a board or board column :grin:


+1 for display custom fields on the board view, frustratingly it’s kind of useless for me without this


+1 for custom fields on board


Hello hello! Many of you might be interested in this:


Much needed feature for effectively producing visually compelling product roadmaps!


When the “Sum-brackets” option was removed the custom fields was presented as the answer, however as stated above, this meant that it wasn’t shown in every view anymore unlike when it was in the title of a task description. For us, using the feature for our Scrum process the brackets were an integral part. I certainly agree with that this is a very much needed option before we consider using the custom fields


Wanted to check if there any updates on this one? adding custom fields to the boards is highly needed for us as well. If it will be possible to view estimations, priority, etc. from the boards dashboard, it will save us a lot of time. Thanks


Not yet as far as I know


Boards are so close. Just like Asana beats many many tasks manager with it’s UX/UI, the details are everything to us.
Boards are here to provide a clear dashboard view, so being able to show more than owner/deadline/title is crucial. Filling the survey and tracking progress. Go Asana team, we believe in you ! :slight_smile:


so what is the result of the research?


This feature is super important for making boards deliver on their full potential. Any progress you can share?