View custom fields in Android (Board)

Hello, I’m a new user and am rolling out Asana to a new team. Many tutorials and documents recommend using custom fields for items that can only have one value at a time, like status, or priority. I agree this makes sense and have been championing its use in this way over others who want to use tags instead. However, when rolling out custom fields for task priority, the fields and colors are NOT visible at a glance on iOS or Android apps. This is true either in Board or List view. It does seem that tags ARE visible (at least their color code). As a new user, am I missing some obvious configuration parameter? I would love to use custom fields instead of tags (as intended) but may not be able to if I cannot resolve. Thank you in advance for any information.

@dave_takayoshi. Welcome to Asana and the community…

No there is not a configuration that you are missing, at the moment you don’t see the custom field or its colour coding until you go into the task. This is probably due to the reduce real estate available in the mobile apps.

One possible option maybe is to change the sort order for the project to be by the relevant custom field.


Thank you for the reply @Jason_Woods! Unfortunately it sounds like we will have to use Tags instead of Custom Fields. And the sort order will work for List view, but it seems that sorting/filtering in Board view is not yet implemented either.

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You’re completely right @Dave_Takayoshi! While it is possible to sort your project view by tags for List project, this feature isn’t available yet for Board projects; I would recommend voting for this feature request here: Feature Request: Filter Board by assigned user Looks like other users like Jerome (Feature Request: Filter Board by assigned user) are looking for the same option than you!

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Hi everyone! :wave:

I’m excited to announce that iOS project list view now includes a horizontally scrollable grid! You can now add custom fields to projects on your mobile app for iOS and this view also shows asana built-in fields, along with custom fields. We’re rolling out this feature and if it’s not available for you now, it’ll be available soon!

I’m keeping this thread open but slightly updated the name to make it more specific for Android and board view.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback and feel free to let me know if you have any questions!