Ability to see Custom Fields from task list in Mobile

I love Asana but when I work away I only have my iPad to work with as I don’t take a laptop. What drives me nuts is the fact that the iOS app is nowhere near as good as the web version. (I end up having to use the desktop site request in safari most of the time but that isn’t ideal)

In particular I would like to be able to at least use the custom fields I have set up to be able to update things like priorities.


Thanks for your feedback, @Ruth_Newnham! I’m interested in exactly what you’re trying to do on the iPad, as you should be able to update custom fields from the Task view on mobile. Are you trying to view/edit them from the Project view? I’d love to understand more so we can file your use case to the Mobile team!

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Hi @Sara I’ll give an example from a personal project - I am organising an event and set the project up using my desktop. I set up several custom fields to show the status of an invitation, number of people, attendance status. In the desktop version you can obviously see and edit fields in project view and in task view. In the iOS version the fields cannot be seen in project view and although they can be seen in task view cannot be edited (or at least I haven’t found a way to do it) I have tried in several of my projects just to make sure, and on both my iPad and iPhone, if you need more info let me know

@Ruth_Newnham, thank you for the additional information! People can’t currently edit Custom Fields from the Project view on iOS (the way you can on the desktop), but you should be able to edit the values by clicking into the Task itself, and then clicking on the field to edit. If you’re not able to complete that action, that’s not expected and you should contact support with more information about what you’re seeing.

Love hearing about all your custom fields – they sound like great pieces of additional information to organize your work. Even better if you can update them on the go!

Okay @Sara how do I do that?

@Ruth_Newnham, navigate to the Task which you’d like to edit. Select the pencil icon at the top of the Task (“Edit”) and from there, edit the Custom Field value. Then, click “Done” to save your changes.

Thank you @Sara - I have to say that it isn’t obvious that you need to go to the pencil - I did say I hadn’t found a way to do it! I am sooo much happier now :grinning:

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I don’t see the custom field when I click the pencil to edit.

Also on the iOS app and not seeing my custom fields on phone. I don’t see a pencil edit icon either.

This is fundamental - and frankly an oversight on my part before rolling out.

Without seeing custom fields and being able to highlight multiple tasks in iOS, it’s impossible to see sum totals of number format custom fields… fairly basic functionality when using for budgeting purposes.

Is there a setting in the mobile app which can make custom fields visible? -I can successfully sort by these fields, but I need them to be visible when sorted alphabetically.


Hi @Logan_Hayden and thanks for reaching out!

Can you confirm if you’re working on a Board or List project? If you could share a screenshot of what you’re seeing right now and elaborate on what you’d like to see instead it would be super useful to us! Looking forward to your reply!

Howdy Marie,

Thanks for the suggestion.

This is what it looks like on my desktop: (I can only see a link to the photo below, so please let me know if you can access it or not).

This is what the same page looks like on my ipad:

I need to be able to see the color coded “Task Type” custom field on the project home page. This is shown on the desktop, but not on the app.

Is this descriptive enough of the issue?



Got it @Logan_Hayden, thank you so much for the screenshot and additional info!

Custom fields are currently only visible in the task details in Mobile, but this is definitely something our team will consider for future updates! We actually have an older thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing thread to gather all feedback in one place. Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

I would love this update too. Custom fields is the feature I’m most attracted to and the reason I would upgrade. Not being able to see/edit custom fields on the iPad is blocking me. I workaround might be to use the website on the iPad, however the redirect rules force me to use the App on my iPad. I can’t login to the website from my iPad, I’m just redirected to the app.

Is there a place I can follow/vote on this feature so I know when to come back and pay for the upgrade?

@Jason_Hanson you can get around being forced to the app by holding your finger on the refresh icon in the Safari web address bar (little circular arrow) If you hold your finger on this you should get a ‘Request Desktop Site’ option.

The place to vote is at the top of this article :slight_smile:

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