Display custom fields in My Tasks view

Dear Asana Community,
While adding a new task within a project, I can add new fields, like e. g. Time (very important!).
Why cant’t I do the same thing while adding a new task on My Tasks list? Why can’t I even see the attribute “ Time ” added to a task while reviewing my tasks on My Tasks list?
Or can I?
As a consequence, I can see the total time assigned to all tasks in a project but I cannot see the total time of all tasks, e.g. for today or tomorrow (tasks from different projects, reviewed on My Tasks list).
Or can I?
Regards, Lukasz

Hi @Lukasz_Krason-Becker and welcome to the forum!

Currently, as you observe, it’s not possible to display custom fields in the My Tasks view.

Asana has said that they will soon be updating the My Tasks view so that it works a lot more like a regular project. Whether that will include the ability to have custom fields, we don’t know yet - we’ll have to wait and see once that update occurs.

In the meantime, you can add your vote for custom fields in My Tasks here:

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Hi Phil,

thanks a lot for your quick response.

I voted! :blush:

Well, lets hope the best. Although seeing that the topic has been under discussion since June 2017 and the function in question is still not added, does not really allow to be optimistic.

But lets wait for updates.

In the meantime the TAGS may somehow be of help.

Thanks and best regards, Lukasz.