Custom Fields in My Tasks

@Marie Also just to clarify that the Custom Field that will be launched soon is different from People Custom Field as said by Ben Watkins in this link:

@Jan_Go for me, My Tasks will have custom fields IN GENERAL, whatever types are available.


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman . I was reading other articles here and came across People Custom Field, so just wanted to get clarity that this is not the same custom field we were discussing in this thread. So, yeah! Thanks for the clarification. Just waiting for the launch date of Custom Field.

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Correct @Jan_Go, People custom fields and Custom fields in My Tasks are two separate launches :slight_smile:

Any idea on this launch for custom field in tasks to let us prioritize?


That’s awesome news! I hope to actually see it soon - any updates now that two weeks have passed since this announcement?

Also, I don’t think this should be marked as a “Solution” to this thread - the feature does not exist yet, and no one confirmed when it would roll out. We should keep this thread wide open until that feature is actually implemented!

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Hi folks!

We are happy to say that Custom Fields in My Tasks will begin rolling out in September and we expect all users to have access to this feature by the end of November :tada:

I’ll keep you all in the loop and let you know if this timeline changes :slight_smile:


Project ->Board ->task preview (top image)

  • task title
  • custom fields (e.g. Not Started, High Priority)

My Tasks ->Board ->task preview (bottom image)
just displays:

  • task title

Requesting custom fields also appear in My Tasks - Board->Task preview
They are very helpful for quickly choosing tasks to work on.



Hi @Steph_Fox and welcome to the forum,

Custom fields are not currently available at all in My Tasks - that’s why you don’t see them in the task display - but they are coming to my tasks this month! See: Custom Fields in My Tasks - #473

(I’m merging this topic with the other existing one about this request)


As a workaround you can create a saved search called “My Tasks by Priority” for all task assigned to you, then add a custom filter (+ Add Filter \ Add Custom filter) and select Prioirty.

It worked for me


I know we are still in September, but was this rolled out in any way yet?

Also just sharing again that I feel it is a little disingenuous and certainly misleading to mark this topic as “Resolved” when it has very clearly not been implemented. This over-resolving is under-developing Asana!

Asana has this great feature to be able to create custom fields and store them in a team library. From the team library, they can be added to projects and project templates. However, it is not possible to add a custom field to My Tasks. I’d like to request the ability to add those fields to My Tasks. This way tasks that do have that field set by some project could be shown in the List view. This will be very useful information to see in My Tasks section (psuedo-project?).

Furthermore, this feature should enable the ability to use these fields as Triggers for Actions on sections. That would be a powerful way to automate one’s own workflow.

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Hello @samholmes

Welcome to the Asana Forum :slight_smile:

Agreed, that’s a must-have feature in my opinion too.

I have merged your post with the already existing request which has more votes. You can upvote that request; the more upvotes, the higher the possibility that the feature request gets prioritised.

I suggest also considering following the post updates so you’ll be informed if and when this feature is released.


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To clarify, Custom Fields in My Tasks has been expected to start rolling out in the next few days and available to all by the end of November:


Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by “available to all” by end of November? Like is the initial rollout based on subscription tier or by a different parameter? Thanks!

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@Joey_DeFabio, I’m not privy to that specific info but I believe it more related to the common development practice of rolling out a complex new feature to small-then-increasing percentages of users until rollout is complete.

Ahhh gotcha! Thanks for the info!

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In my experience, they tend to roll out to their large Enterprise accounts last (I guess the idea being, if any issues crop up in the rollout that need to be fixed, they’d rather not those impact their highest-paying customers). But that’s just an informal observation on my part, definitely not anything official!

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Hi folks :wave:

The time has come! Custom fields are currently being rolled out to all users’ My tasks! Check out this post for all the details and more information on rollout timing:

Thank you all for your continued feedback. I can’t wait to hear how you all will use fields in My Tasks :star_struck: