Make way for Custom Fields in My Tasks!

Hi Asana Community! :wave:

We understand that access to custom fields allows another dimension, besides just sorting and sections, that is crucial for some workflows and that you also want to use custom fields to organize your My Tasks in a way that matches your mental model and is more closely aligned with how you use Projects in Asana. That is why we’re excited to announce that custom fields are coming to My Tasks! :clap:

Custom fields in My Tasks will allow you to create new fields which are private to your My Tasks or add existing fields that are already in use in projects. Want to add a Priority field to help prioritize your work? Need a reminder of the progress of a task assigned to you at a glance? Say hello to custom fields in My Tasks!

Just like fields in projects, you can add fields to your My Tasks via the Customize menu. If you wish to use the field on other projects as well and have it visible to other users, make sure to check the “Add to field library,” option when creating it. If you leave “Add to field library” unchecked, the field remains private to you.

Custom fields in My Tasks have already started rolling out to some Asana domains and will be available to all Premium, Business and Enterprise users by end of November. If you have any questions, please let us know.

We can’t wait to hear how you plan to utilize custom fields in your My Tasks :slight_smile:


Awesome!! we soooo needed this :smiley:

HALLELUJAH!!! This has been on our wishlist for SO LONG! Our team will be thrilled - thanks Asana!

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Yes! Finally :smile:

Finally! I can’t believe it!

Awesome! No more need for a separate project!

I was SO excited about this until I realized, If I sort by my custom field I can no longer sort by date.
So, we’ve still not figured out how to sort by multiple options. :dotted_line_face: :grimacing:

you’re right @Courtney-Claire_Hayn unfortunately not yet… only workaround is to ‘substitute’ one of your custom fields with Sections instead, manually drag your tasks into each section - then sort by date or another custom field… not ideal, I know! :person_shrugging:

Yup, I know. It’s why I opted out of sorting with anything outside of my due dates. I thought with the addition of this new custom field feature I could do away with sorting by sections.
ONLY to realize later that I had made a mistake in assuming I could sort by multiple fields. RIP my organization. I’m about to recreate my sections. and get back my original sorting plans :upside_down_face: :melting_face:

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After praying for custom fields in My Tasks this long, the new dream is sorting by multiple fields, or at least filtering added… Looking forward to this update in 2024! :upside_down_face:

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This unlocks so many interesting new ways to organize My Tasks! It was already one of my favorite features and most used functions in Asana and it just got better. Thanks Asana team!

A great step forward. Can these be added as defaults at the organisational level or does each team member have too add the custom fields themselves?

Welcome, @Otto,

I think this would be person-by-person, though anyone can create organizational-level custom fields to make it easy for each person to add from some recommended common ones.

Hope that helps,


That’s how it seems to work. Thanks.

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Is this for all plans or business only? I don’t see the plus or the ability to choose from my custom fields I only see a handful of prebuilt ones when I click customize.

@Donna_Mays, You questions were addressed in the OP:



Thanks Larry I saw that afterward and felt so dumb I was just SO EXCITED for this update LOL

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This is a great and long awaited feature!

Something seems to be missing, though. Namely, when I filter for priority (or any other field) in “My tasks”, it seems that the tasks cannot be sorted by due date. This would be very helpful, though. For example, very often you want to see your high priority tasks sorted by due date. Currently, this is only possible with saved searches. Or am I missing something?

Is this going to be rolled out to all plans, including the free ones?

Welcome, @Rebecca_Down,

From another Rebecca:

So not for the Basic (free) plan; sorry.


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