My tasks - can't work with it if no combined sorting by custom fields is possible

I need a possibility to sort and filter all my own tasks in one list, so that I can do my personal priorization.
I cannot find any possibility to include my custom fields in the standard “my tasks” view.

Can you please tell me, how I can achieve the follwing:

  • see all tasks assigned to myself across all projects
  • have them sorted first by my own custom field “importance”
  • and then have them sorted secondly by due date

… so that all my tasks appear in a list where the most important are on top, and within these most important tasks the most urgent ones are on top

It’s a quite trivial feature any simple list could do. So this must be possible. It seems I am just not clever enough to find this.

Can you please help me out? It’s the most essential view I would need.

Thank you!

Because custom fields are attached to specific projects and My Tasks cuts across all projects, it’s not currently possible to see custom fields in your My Tasks view.

Having said that, it’s a heavily requested feature and you can add your vote for it here:


@Alexander_Fischer: When we introduced Asana a couple of years ago we first tried to adopt our previous task organization with Asana. This somehow worked but not in a sufficient way. We decided to just give the “integrated” approach a way. What I’m trying to say is: Asana works best when beiing used the way it is indended to even this is not the way you worked before.

Regarding priorities here is what works best for me personally: Last thing in the evening is to plan the next day. I use several reports to filter what’s important next. You can just utilize the advanced search feature, save it and access it later with a click. One of the reports I use is “Today & tomorrow” where I find any tasks that are due until tomorrow. This is were I mostly fill my next days agenda from. So basically instead of seeing everything (I have hundreds of uncompleted tasks) I try to focus on what’s next.

Hope this helps,



Thanks for your reply, Patrick.

I was unaware of the advanced search. I now tried it out.
Unfortunately it still doesn’t bring me the only thing I am looking for: have all my tasks displayed and sorted by one of my custom fields.
In advanced search I can only display custom fields, but cannot sort or filter them.

Regarding the way to work with my tasks:
you say you “try to focus on what’s next”.
I, however, need to focus on what is most important first. - An information I find in my custom fields.

So, I still hope to find a way to be able to sort/filter all my tasks by priority.
If advance search would offer me the possibility to sort by custom fields, my problem would be solved.

Brgds, Alex

@Alexander_Fischer: Advanced search does support filtering Just click “Add filter” select “Custom fields” and search for the field you need. One you see your search results you can easily store the filter as report. I could think about several reports each for different priority.

I understand sorting is key and I must admit custom fields are currenly not supported in search results. You could however add you tasks to private projects. Tasks can be assigned to several projects and other users won’t see your private assignment. If you use such projects instead of the search you might even sort by custom fields. It’s somehow a workaround but a working one. I do use personal projects in a similar way for a different purpose.

Hope this helps,


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Dear Patrick,

thanks for your thoughts again. Your help is vers much appreciated! Thanks indeed.

Yes, creating several reports for each priority level has been my workaround so far. But I hope this will not be necessary for long, as my list of reports starts
confusing me. But we’ll see…

By the way: this has brought me to another issue, kind of linked to the same topice here: I cannot select multiple values for one filter criteria, i.e. I cannot
create any advanced search that says for example

"please show me all tasks that have either InProgress, Roadblocked, or ForReview in the my custom field “status”

or "please show me all tasks that do not have Done or Discarded in my custom field “status”.

Or am I just now seeing how this can be achieved?



@Alexander_Fischer: Selecting multiple custom field values is currently not supported in advanced search. It makes a lot of sense to me as well. So feel free to add it as product feedback. I know that it is heard.

Hope this helps.