See all tasks across projects sorted by custom field

I created a few custom fields - priority, estimated time, actual time, etc.

I’ve assigned these fields to each of my projects.

Ideally, when I log into Asana I’d want to see all my tasks, across projects, sorted by my custom priority field.

Is there any way to make this happen. I don’t see how in the home page, reports or search. But maybe I’m missing something. It seems so simple.

If I understand correctly:

  • you have multiple projects
  • in those projects you use the same custom field, for example Priority
  • you want to see all task in all projects that have priority 1

You can do this via Advanced Search;
Advanced Search > Add filter > Add Custom Field > Choose the custom field

  • you can choose a particular value for the filed (for example if you want to see only Priority 1)
  • you can choose “with any value” so you can list all tasks that have any kind of value
  • you can choose “without value” so you can see which tasks you need to prioritise

A limitation is that once you run the search you will see all tasks, but you cannot sort them further.

A more cumbersome way will be using Asana Rules.
You can create a “Master Project”
You can create a Rule for each project New Task > Add to Master Project
You add the custom field Priority in all projects, including the Master Project.
Then you can sort in the Master Project.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Looks like I’ll have to try the Master Project approach and see if that works. I’m using priority so that I can see and sort priority across all tasks, not just search for one value. Shame that the native Home page seems to have such limited utility and customizability.

Oops. Except it requires a Business account to use that rule. So, there’s no way of doing it.

You can do it with Zapier.
Create a Zap - New Task in Project > Add Task to Section in Project.

Your best option is to use Bridge24 for Asana. This tool displays all tasks across multiple projects. You can sort your tasks by any custom field, either by using the Grid or Report views.

Great tips @IvanStaykov and @Daniel_Raymond! :star2:

@Will_Forester, we already have a request in our #productfeedback category about this topic, I suggest you to add your vote here: