Ability to multi-sort My Tasks by multiple fields

I love many features of Asana but one thing I would like to see is the ability to sort the “My Tasks” screen by Project and Due Date simultaneously. I work with a variety of different clients so being able to sort all tasks by client and then their respective due dates would make things so much easier to see what is due/coming up.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! This is definitely something that is in our team’s radar and hopefully, it will be implemented in the future. If you are interested in having this feature in projects too, I recommend you to upvote here: Sort and filter project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example)

I would love better sorting capabilities when viewing My Tasks>List. I use a combination of Due date, the custom fields “Priority” (high, medium, and low), and “Urgent?” (yes, no).

Currently, I can sort only by columns separately in ascending and descending order, but I’d love it if these fields had the capability to sort by multiple columns, just like we can in spreadsheet software.

Having this capability would give me a great way to see things like:

  • Out of all tasks that are tagged as a high priority, what are urgent and due the soonest, in descending order?
    *Out of all tasks due today, what’s most urgent and highest priority in descending order?

Right now I can only get jumbled views of each category.

Please add this! :pray:t3:


I need to sort My Tasks by both priority and due date. I can do this within Projects, but not on My Tasks for some reason.
I’ve come up with a workaround by adding sections for each priority, then sorting by date within each section, but this feels clunky and unnecessary. Please add this feature!


Is this a feature Asana is considering rolling out soon? Because I monitor a number of projects, I need to review by project, and date due. Currently when I sort by Project, tasks are listed in random order, not related to due date.


This would change the way I use My Task and be so much more efficient.
Vote Added!



It is so helpful in projects. Such a shame the functionality isn’t in my tasks


Chiming in. I have custom fields I want to be able to sort by as well (e.g. project category). Can’t believe multi-sort isn’t already a feature.


Please prioritize this! It’s available for projects, so it should also be available in My Tasks.

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PLEASE make this happen. It’s such a pain that I have set up these individual Boards but they can’t individually be sorted in different ways.

Adding my vote too. I live in My Task section but because of this precise lack of feature I have flirted with an idea of adding all assigned tasks to personal project to use this feature, but too labour intensive and non-intuitive to do so.


@Marie As requested from you here is the tread on March 22nd, this thread is about multi-sorting in My Tasks.
What is the process to vote for this feature, that it gets implemented quickly?
Can’t be rocket science as it is just sorting another list!!!


Please add this feature, it’s a pain not to have this.

I have just come back to Asana after using ClickUp for the past two years. This is because Asana is more user friendly for my team to use, and so I am not expecting it to be as advanced as ClickUp in terms of its functionality. But I am amazed that despite Asana’s ‘My Tasks’ view having both ‘Group By’ and ‘Sort’ buttons, the Sort button greys out when you Group by anything other than ‘Custom Sections’!

For my workflow I want to group by Due Date and then sort by Priority so the top priority items are at the top of the list for today.

Grateful if this can be progressed ASAP - it has been over a year since it was first raised.


I would love to group by project and then sort by due dates within those sections.


Seconding this. It is a major downside to using Asana for task tracking - multiple sorts and filters are essential functionality in Notion and Todoist, and I haven’t seen any updates from the Asana team on when or if this will be introduced to all users. I would seriously love an update on when we can expect this ability, because it is important enough that I would look at other apps to switch to that have it.

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Hi, just adding my vote to this as well. I’ve tried using rules to achieve the result I’m looking for, but no joy. Being able to sort by due date, and then priority would be extremely useful.

I have tried ‘Grouping’ by due date, but then you lose the ability to sort.

My current solution is to group by ‘Custom sections’, for which I’ve created similar due date headings like Overdue, Today, This Week, Next Week, etc. and then sort by due date. I’ve tried to add rules to move items between the sections, using ‘due date approaching’ as a trigger, but it only moves them daily around midnight.

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Like most here… looking for a way to multi-sort the My Tasks view. I use the kanban view and then sort by priority. But really, I would love to sort columns by due date, and then priority.

That way, just because something is low priority but due today, it doesn’t get lost at the bottom of the list.

This is standard with platforms like Smartsheet and Monday.com, so I found it pretty surprising Asana is still missing this basic.



Love the “My Tasks” feature.

Would be GREAT to be able to sort them as projects are now sorted - i.e. with multiple sorts, in specific priority.

For example, FIRST by project, SECOND by date, THIRD by priority, etc.

Any work in the pipeline for this sort of thing?



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