Feature Request: My Tasks view to sort tasks by Project Automatically


My use case for Asana are that my projects are all different Client Projects. My workflow is to go through my day working on each client at a time. I may have 3-5 tasks per client per day for a total of 40 tasks. I spend 10 minutes a day just organizing my tasks in “My Tasks” view (Incomplete - Sort: None) just to sort them all by project. It seems like by default it should sort your tasks by due date time (if any exist) at the top in time order, then by Client order.

10 minutes might not sound like much, but when your days are stacked like mine are, every minute counts!



Hi @Matt_Mintun -
You can adjust your My Tasks to sort by project by default! :smiley:
Go to the gear icon > Sort > Project, then click ‘Save as default view for everyone’ (which will save this as your default view).
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Hi @Shannon_McNeil,

The problem with your suggestion is that when you sort by Project, the tasks are randomly listed underneath and are not in order of due date. You then have to drag all the tasks around manually to show under each project from top to bottom when they are due. Would be nice if Asana was smart enough to sort by Project AND display all the tasks associated to each project but due date.


@Shelley_Tuicakau - You’re right. There isn’t a way to double sort your My Tasks (by project and then by due date) at this time. We’ll note that to our Product team.


Can you sort your tasks by project if you are in a workspace?