Categorise & Sub-categorise My Tasks view

Is there any way that you can add sub-categories to your My Tasks view. I.e. I would like to sort My Tasks by Project as the primary, but then sort by Due Date as the secondary so the chronologically closest tasks are at the top of each project. Currently if I sort by Project then the tasks are in no particular order within the list. Could anybody help? Thanks!

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Welcome to the Forum @Jack_Williams and thank you for reaching out!

At it currently stands, it is not possible to sort your My Tasks by multiple filters. I would highly encourage you to cast your vote and comment on an existing thread we have in the #productfeedback category: Sorting My Tasks by Project AND Due Date

Apologies for not being of a greater help on this matter Jack! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

Hi Natalia

Thanks for getting back to me.

Unfortunate that there is not this feature on Asana yet but hopefully this will be an option very soon! How many votes does an idea usually require to be considered for integration?

Many thanks!