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Hi all!

Is it possible to sort My Tasks by Due Date and still keep the ‘Today’, ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Later’ sections? I usually work in My Tasks without any sorting, because this way I can quickly see which tasks I want to work on that day. However, it would be great to also sort my tasks by Due Date within these categories. Especially picking tasks from the ‘Upcoming’ section and putting them in ‘Today’ would be way easier, because I usually decide that depending on the due date (and sometimes I can’t sort all tasks in the morning yet). Not sure if this is possible, though. Otherwise, it would be a great addition to Asana, if one could sort My Tasks by more than one factor.


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Do you mean like in the screenshot attached? (click the cog icon top-right and select the sorting type)



Hi @carlo! No, I basically want to combine two sorting mechanisms. :wink:


Hi @Tom_Suberg

Why don’t you create two separate searched. In one you pick the tasks you have in your “Today” and in one you have those in your “Upcoming” and you custom sort all of them. I know it is not like having both information at the same time, but it will achieve what you need in two pages, and it is easy to move tasks from one to the other.



Hi @carlo!

Thanks for the suggestion! For now, I just use the due date sorting mechanism and then, once I put everything in ‘Today’ that really needs to be done, I switch back to ‘None’. Your version would basically give me a different work around with the same effort. :wink: I think this could only be solved by Asana. Until then, I definitely know how to solve my problem - just a bit slower :stuck_out_tongue:



Agreed, I’d also like to be able to sort ALL my tasks by due date at once, and also be able to see any tasks that don’t have an assigned date as well. Appreciate the suggestions from the community here though.


Hi @Tom_Suberg,

I am with you. Please see this post here: Sorting in Asana where i have raised the general issue of missing sorting capabilities in Asana.



Right now you can’t really combine sorting options. I work in the standard Today, Upcoming and Later views but manually sort my tasks based on priority (often based on due date/time).