Tasks Not Auto-Sorting By Date

I’m new to Asana. My tasks ONLY appear in “recently assigned.” Even though I’ve given them due dates, there’s nothing appearing in “today, upcoming, or later.”

I read the FAQ and I’m not clear if I have to manually drag the tasks into those categories, which seems silly. Please help.


To see your tasks sorted by due date, choose this:


Today/Upcoming/Later is a prioritization scheme you can use for your My Tasks in addition to Due Dates. For example, if a task is due Monday some of us put it in Today prior to Monday because we want to get started on it prior to the due date.



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Apologies for the confusion. Adding to what @lpb has explained and in case you haven’t yet, you can find more information regarding the Recently assigned, Today, Upcoming, and Later sections in our Guide Article: How to Get Started With Asana My Tasks | Product Guide • Asana

I hope this helps Paula!


Thanks so much for the thorough and speedy replies.

I assign tasks based on what needs to be DONE that day, not necessarily what’s DUE that day.

I’ve been using ToDoist at home and am looking at Asana for work. But I’d have to get a paid subscription of ToDoist to attach docs.

ToDoist auto sorts into “today, tomorrow”. That way I only have to look at what needs to get done today. When I “sort by date” in Asana, it shows today and all the other future tasks. I’d prefer to have a lean view of only what
I need to work on today. Is that possible via an auto process, or do I manually have to drag to the “today” section?

Thank you

@Paula_Dzik, With a paid plan you can set up an advanced search report so you always have a view of your tasks due within the next two days, otherwise you’d need to manually arrange in My Tasks–you can also (with Tab-N) create a “Tomorrow” heading (within Today though) to approximate what you had before.


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