Can I sort My Tasks by Due Date, and THEN list New tasks or No Projects?


If the upgraded version allows this let me know, as I am fine to upgrade and pay, its just I have never found a feature in the paid plan that is worth paying for, and any important features missing in Asana (quite a few) are also not addressed in the paid version, so I have never upgraded. But if I can get just one important feature in there I will pay, so let me know if the below is in the upgrade before I try it…

but here is the main question…

How can I sort my Tasks by due date, and then see all the new tasks that I have emailed in?

Previously I sort by None, which shows the tasks in the order I add them. So any tasks I email in are the top. I would manually re-order tasks in the order I want to do them. Thats good, all New tasks at the top. but then I thought I would now focus on tasks that are due, as I used to miss those when sorting by None. I have lots of passed due tasks.

So I am trying the sort by Due Date. Great, all my due tasks are at the top, so I can focus on that. But now all my New tasks I email in come in at AT THE BOTTOM?? Below all other projects. So I dont see those now. I just spent ages wondering where my recently email in tasks are as they are not coming in at the top like they used to.

But I cant see a way to sort this, I only have a few sort options, and then only one main sort not a secondary.

So how would one sort tasks in a meaningful way which to me would be list new tasks so I can see and organise them, and also tasks by Due date so I can see those too. Due and New tasks are the ones to see, I dont understand why its one or the other!

Thanks a lot


HI @Laurence_Cope,

As it stands, it is not possible to combine multiple sorting views in My tasks, so if your My Tasks is sorted by due-dates, you will automatically lose the “New Tasks” section.

What about keeping your view to “None” so you can see tasks you have emailed in, in your “New Tasks” section and use the Today section to focus on tasks due today? If you sort out your tasks from the New Tasks section following these steps, your tasks will automatically move from Later to Upcoming and Eventually Today as they get closer to their due date. You can keep your Today and Upcoming sections expanded and will be able to focus on your tasks due today and for the next 7 days. By the way, this option does not require access to the Premium verison of Asana, which means you wouldn’t need to pay for premium features.

Hope that helps!


If I do this none of my tasks that are actually due to today or past due date in the Today section. It seems to me I have to mark a task to go into the Today section even though I have added due dates. I am sorry but thats likely to cause misses tasks, I should not have to mark tasks for today twice. I already set a due date it should be in Today automatically.