Ability to Sort tasks by start date

Would be great if we could sort tasks by start date, not just due date.

Hi @Stefan_Sinn! I totally agree and have noted your feedback to our product team. :slight_smile:

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Any update here? The view for Asana makes this feature pointless, as I am not able to see my tasks in the order in which I should work on them. What is the point of seeing the task when its due if its a task that requires more than a day to complete?


Any update about this feature?

Meanwhile, are there some tips to bypass this problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:

This would be incredibly helpful!

Hi @Valerie_Maron, welcome to the Community Forum and sharing this feedback! We already have a thread on this topic, I have gone ahead and merged your post with Feature request: Sort by start date to centralize feedback. Let me know if you have any questions :wink:

Any update on this feature?

Our users are screaming and kicking asking about this feature. Main complaints being they are missing start dates and their projects are getting behind.

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A feature that allows to sort tasks by date of when it was created would be greatly beneficial. At the moment, not all projects have due dates, assignee, likes or…well…alphabetically is of no use, so sorting them (ascending/descending) by when tasks were created is probably the biggest game changer. Please implement this—Workfront and Trello are you top competitors and they got this. Cheers,

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Bridge24 for Asana has a grid view that allows to sort your tasks by start date or by any date field you want, including custom date fields.

Sorting by start date is a request that has been posted on this forum for about two years. We. Need. It.

Other than one remark that “it’s a good idea, we’ll pass it on”, I don’t see any other update from Asana. Can you please tell us if and when we can expect this feature? Thanks.


@Michele_King, Until Asana provides this, maybe the following can help:



Thank you, Larry. I’ll check out Asana2Go. :slight_smile:

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Also curious on roadmap for this feature? I need to be able to sort by start date, and then due date (if no start date on a task). So -

On 4/1, task list would look like this:
Task A: Due 4/1
Task B: Start Date 4/2 - Due 4/15
Task C: Due 4/3

Then on 4/2, task list would look like this:
Task B: Start Date 4/2 - Due 4/15
Task C: Due 4/3

That would make the most sense to me, since if I’m marking a start date that means I want that task to show up in my task list starting on that day, if it’s a multi-day task. Having it only show up on the day it’s due defeats the purpose of a start date.

I assume it has something to do with the start date not being a field that has it’s own data, which i discovered when trying to build an automation in Zapier that triggers based on task start date, and discovered that that is the only data about the task that does not show up in Zapier. Only due date is a field available.

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It looks like you can do at least sort by start date in the timeline view. Haven’t noticed it anywhere else… It would be great to have elsewhere!

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Hi Asana - Any updates to sorting tasks by start date not just due date in views other than Timeline (especially List view)??!!


Would really like to see this feature added!

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Is this happening?

I wish! I haven’t seen any updates announcing this feature but that sure would be great news to hear! HINT HINT

It would definitely be a great feature to add, it makes all the sense that team members want the ability to see what should be started next the same way as when a task is due.
Looking forward to some updates!