Ability to Sort tasks by start date

This is an absolute must-have for my team as we use Asana for more project management. Can we please get an update? This is not a big ask.


No update from @asana in years :frowning:

This is feature is really important and needs to be added ASAP please.

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Literally every single question I google about Asana hoping that it will take me to a documentation page directs me instead to one of these forum topics where the question had been asked 2 or 3 years ago and there’s no answer at all from the Asana team… Pfff


@Tomas_Rojo I feel seen (but not by Asana). :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this at all? How are we supposed to prioritize a multi-day task if we don’t see it until the very last day that it is due?

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Nothing but crickets from Asana unfortunately.

This is so important! Especially for people who follow MNY methodology! You have a start date already, why not make it sortable?

Or at least implement a custom field date type so that we can create our own.

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Another request here to add this simple sort option specifically in My Tasks! (Sort by Start Date, then Due Date.)

Our team doesn’t use Timeline View to look at each project’s tasks. We all use My Tasks to see everything we need to be working on across the many concurrent projects we’re working on. (And Timeline View isn’t even an option in My Tasks, which should also be added.)

We regularly have people completing tasks late because the tasks aren’t visible “today” (i.e. the Start Date when they’re supposed to begin working on a task) so folks don’t see them as they’re to far down in their Task List. The lack of this simple option in My Tasks (and all other list views) is a serious oversight and causes late deliverables and missed deadlines.

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Hi - Also waiting for this feature!