How to sort by due date ascending in search results, when I am already sorting by Project?

I have a search result I have starred so its always available in the left menu. Its to show My Tasks due today only (so its different to the Asana default My Tasks), and I have sorted it by Project. But strangely, Asana is sorting in reverse date order within the projects. My overdue projects appear at the bottom. Projects due in the future are at the top.

How can I sort those by due date ascending? There is only 1 sort option which I am using for Projects. Its because I normally work top down, i.e. the top task is the one to work on next (so overdue or today, or today at an earlier time). I dont work bottom up. It would be OK if Asana sorted tasks in ascending date order. Or do the majority of people work bottom up with due dates so I am the one doing it wrong?


Hi @Laurence_Cope how odd, i tested it and mine are sorted by project and it has all tasks in date order. However there may not be need for that search anymore as you can multi filter your MY TASKS

Oh well that is weird, its sorting it in date ascending order for me now! I have since restarted the app since then. I forgot to say its using the Mac App, I have not tested in the browser.

Maybe I fiddled with some other settings that resulted in the date order changing, but default its OK. Quite strange. I will keep an eye on it.

The reason I dont use the built in My Tasks is because I dont think I can only show tasks for the next day or two. And its also showing tasks without a due date. But I dont want to see ALL my tasks when I am focused on just todays tasks, its overwhelming! So I have created a search instead, because search adds more filters than what you see in My Tasks. I can show only tasks due to today because thats all I want to see. If I finish my today tasks early I go to the Asana My Tasks to see if I can work on whatever is due next in the future.

So it works well for me, keeps “My Tasks” list only focused on todays. If the date in descending order was a one off glitch then its fine now, so fingers crossed!


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Hi @Laurence_Cope the link I posted before might help with your my tasks

So my task list has come back not in date order. But then I noticed your link was for a new multifiltering solution, I did not realise before I thought it was a link to how to use My Tasks. So I have just looked at it and it does look better, those options are great.

BUT the My Tasks is also not sorting tasks on Due Date when I choose to sort them by Projects. I do think Due Date ascending should be a default secondary sorting option when you choose to sort another way, else you just get random ordering on dates. I like my most overdue at the top, and the ones furthers due at the bottom.


Didn’t realise I could add a screenshot. This is what I see. I have overlayed the filter and sort settings above it.

So as you can see I am sorting by Projects, but I would still expect the per project sort to be date ascending. A secondary sort would be good, but if not possible, the default should be date in my mind. I cant even tell what order this is as its not alphabetical, or date added. It seems random.

Sorry one more thing I failed to mention…

About your multi filtering/sort link… I can see on the post it states you can have multi sort. So I know why you posted that link now, it seems like it should be possible.

BUT I forgot to realise that before because my Sort option on that page is greyed out. See attached.

Maybe its because I chose Group By Project, and for whatever reason Asana doesn’t allow sorting when you are Grouping (which I find strange)? Because if I disable Group by Project my Sort button returns and I can multi-sort. If I Group By anything the sort greys out.

If we really cant sort when you choose Group, then I think the default option should be Date. Otherwise there is no meaningful sorting done.

Also, if I choose to sort by date ascending, it also applies Grouped By Date which I find strange. I just want to have Due Date ascending and also Grouped By Project, I don’t understand why what I consider such a standard requirement can’t be done, unless I am missing something :thinking:

Thanks a lot

P.S. the reason I want group by project and sort by date is because my General project is for daily bits and bobs tasks, and the other one, Sales Pipeline, is using tasks to show “Projects” (not Asana Projects but just my own projects like a customer project) and thats not really a “Task”, its more of a due date of when the main project should be done, and I would just rather separate it out from the main General tasks. If I even did have an Asana project task in there (lik a customer project) I would still want to separate those tasks out from the General and all other project tasks. I dont like mixing up all my different projects like this. In the morning I may work through General then afternoon get back on a main projects tasks, so its nice to separate them without having to keep adjusting the view. It would not be a problem if the default sort was date as it would just work.

Screenshot_2023-10-19 11.38.19_na419r

If this wont change I may experiment using Group by Sections and create custom sections because when you Group by Sections the Sort IS enabled, so you can Group by Sections AND sort by Date, so I could create Custom sections, but ideally if it could just replicate projects that would be good.

Although now I have discovered custom sections I can see further possibilities to plan my day. I often change due times to sort Today tasks, but maybe I could use Sections instead.

Actually, after all that above, I think My Tasks with Custom Sections may work fine!

I can see from this thread I need to create rules to move them into Today, Later, Upcoming etc (or custom sections) New tasks automatically move to Later section in My Tasks. I am optimistic that this is going to be a great alternative to what I was asking for as it will let me do a number of other things I do too.

I have not used the My tasks section for YEARS because back when I did it did not have the customisation I needed, and I never knew its been improved since then!


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