New tasks automatically move to Later section in My Tasks

I had just created a topic/question a short while ago and my ticket was merged with another and closed before I could respond: Have new task automatically move to Later section in My Tasks

The reason I am trying to re-open is because the ticket it was merged with seems to be a bit different. The other ticket is specific to recurring tasks; I don’t see anything about new tasks, either created by me in my tasks or assigned to me elsewhere. Could you please confirm that the update in relation to the other ticket will include the type of task creation/assignment I am referring to, in addition to recurring tasks?


Hi @Russ_Kuba, thanks for following up!

New tasks will first be shown in the Recently Assigned section of your My Tasks. You can, however, create Rules to automatically triage tasks!

Check out more on Rules in My Tasks here: My Tasks: Overview, Automation & More | Product guide • Asana

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Rebecca, however, I still cannot find the rule for moving to “Later”. Could you please clarify how this is done? Thank you

Hi @Russ_Kuba
Use the rule “Due date is approach → Move task to a certain section”
You then can set how many days before the task is due it is moved to the Later Section.
Please note that you can now rename the Later section to whatever you like.

I hope that helps?


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Thanks for the suggestion Jason, however, that doesn’t quite solve for the issue. Ideally, if a new task is added and has a due date outside of the “upcoming” rule, it would automatically be placed into the “Later” category. If I choose a specific length for moving to “Later” as you’re suggesting, such as 2 weeks, then anything outside of that (i.e. a due date in 3 weeks) won’t move to later when created (only once 2 weeks hits). Furthermore, if the new task is 1.5 weeks away, it will miss the rule to move to Later because it’s already within the 2 weeks. In both examples, the new task just sits under the default Recently Assigned section.

To help clarify, here is what I’m looking to have rules automatically do under “My Tasks” when I create a new task for myself or get assigned a task from someone else:

  1. If due date is Today, move to today (rule works)
  2. If due date is this week, move to Upcoming (rule works)
  3. If due date is beyond 1 week away, move to Later (NO RULE OPTION AVAILABLE)
  4. If no due date is assigned, leave in default section - Recently Assigned (default setting, no rule needed)

#3 is where there does not seem to be a good option.


Actually, it looks like #2 also doesn’t really work as intended. If a new task is created that is due within 1 week but beyond 1 day (i.e. 4 days), it doesn’t automatically get moved to Upcoming. The task has to be created and due outside of one week to get moved to Upcoming once it hits that 7 day mark.

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