Automatically move new tasks to the correct folder in My Tasks

I have rules set up for the My Tasks sections to move things from one section to another based on due date. However, if a new task is generated that day or assigned to me that day, and it is due today, it remains in the default section rather than being subjected to the rules. In fact, it appears that the rules only sync once a day, around midnight?

I would like if, any time a task is assigned, that the section rules get run against that specific task. So, if I make a task, make it due today, and then assign it to myself, it gets moved to the Today section. If a coworker is working on something that is due tomorrow, and they assign it over to me, it gets sent to the Next Week section where it belongs, etc.

Failing that, give me a button to run the rules in My Tasks to sync new tasks and changes without me having to drag things around manually or miss a task that is due today but popped up in the default folder.

I saw one other task from June 2021 with the same query, but it didn’t fix my issue (New tasks automatically move to Later section in My Tasks) and has since been closed.

Yes indeed.

I am pretty sure you can create such a rule by combining 2 triggers: new task added + due date is approaching. Can you try?