New My Tasks: trigger based on date AND current section


In the new My tasks, how do I set up a rule that does the following:
When due date is 7 days away AND the task is in a particular section, then move to a specific section.

More details:
I have sections for “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “This week,” “Future,” and “Process/Prioritize.”
The rule I’d like to build would move tasks from “Future” to “Process/Prioritize” once their due date is 7 days away.
I do NOT want to move any tasks that I’ve already placed (manually) in the “Today” “Tomorrow”, etc. section. I ONLY want to move tasks from “Future” (not from any other section).

I’m getting stuck on how to restrict the rule to only apply to tasks in “Future” section. I can’t use a trigger for “Task moved to a certain section” since I think this will only trigger if a task is moved into “Future”…I want this to trigger for tasks that are already in “Future” once they are due in 7 days.

Is this possible?


@Zachary_Goldman, I recommend you vote for this request I made:

Unless some third-party automation can help now, there’s no Asana solution for this, sadly.




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