How to move tasks to new section when due date changes?

As an example, we have a task that was moved into the Today section by a rule because that task’s date was Today. However, when we decide to change the due date to a different date in the future, how can we get that task to them move out of the Today section and into the appropriate future section (ie. Upcoming (next 7 days) or Later (beyond 7 days))?


I’ve only discovered today that if there is no rule to move it out, it will stay there.

Would love to hear people’s ways around this!

I feel like a benefit of Asana is that things are updated rather fluidly when a plan changes. This is definitely a sticking point and doesn’t really function the way all of the other real-time features do!

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Hi @Michelle_Tenuta,

This would be the rule to use:

However, many people are unaware that date-related rules trigger between midnight and 1am. So if you just changed the date, the rule will not trigger (yet) and it will look like the rule is just not working. If however, you come back tomorrow, you will notice that the rule will have triggered overnight.

Here a couple of things to keep in mind when working with date rules


@Rosario_Messina, I’ve unmarked your solution because I don’t think it will address the need. @Danielle_Poulton would need a separate rule for every single number of days in the future because the one you showed would only match when the task is exactly seven days before being due, and she wants much more flexibility.

@Danielle_Poulton, I think I’d recommend multiple rules where the trigger is setting one of the options of a single-select custom field, say, with values like 3 days out, 7 days out, 14 days out, …, and each rule has two actions: 1) move to the desired section, and 2) set due date n days in the future.

Hope that helps,


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Good catch Ipb :slight_smile:

Thanks for rectifying this. For some reason, I thought the issue was -expecting the rule triggers immediately-.

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Thanks, @Rosario_Messina, and all the great replies; great to see you as a Forum Leader.

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